In Silence

One day, I went to dance class and had lunch with my teacher Xiaonan.

She is dedicated on the field of body and dance performance, which we shared a conversant world. Her energy and behaviour of defending “talking” to some extent sparkled me. Below are my notes.

Meeting with Mowen

It has to be all about life.

After doing art seriously for almost two complete semesters, I started this new project as usual. What I will do next?

I came up with some ideas that I cared about and talked to Mowen. Before I leave the meeting room, she said to me, “I think now you should stop. You had done much and need time to reflect and digest. This project is exactly the last one of this year and also this semester. What had you done from the first project to now? What do you feel like and how are they associated? Don’t miss those, or you’ll forget“.

I’m grateful for this talk.

My notes of this project before the meeting

at night, my thoughts flowed, and I recorded those events that passed by



This is somebody’s plan of Rose Teaching

“Teach somebody something, they just need to grow.”

it story

something weird is always happening……

something you don’t know is always surrounded, just by your side in every second


From November 19 to 21, I joined Body IQ Somatic Festival online. All participants in the festival can freely choose the activities they want to join to attend in the three days.

Thanks for my teacher David’s sharing. I got the ticket one hour before the festival’s opening on Friday just after school. At first, I only want to have a look to know how the “靠谱” international performing art circle is like. To my surprise, it was so good; even it was held in midnight in my time zone in Zoom, my sleepiness and tiredness were all eased to participate.

In the first workshop, I attend, I was amazed that there were only about 20 people in the Zoom meeting, unexpectedly. In the short 30 minutes, we moved, in different countries with different movements, bodies, and selves in the voice of the leader, linked together magically. I was in the 冥想室 in school, a little tense and nervous (a lot, actually). Starting to move is like starting the breath of something real in its essence; being in the movement is like suspending the perfect moment of some kind of eternity which I used to emphasize as the dot created by the penpoint at the moment of touching. Maybe the key here is the state of having no end and start. This is the opening after the presentation of human history involved by interpretations on the body (Sadly, I didn’t listened much because my English is so poor to understand ), then two participants shared their recent artwork. I was so happy, hearing their voice and seeing their serious and honest faces. A girl from an area of war also shared her experience of refining a way of living on dance and somatics, and people in Zoom echoed hearing this; I was so touched. It reminded me of the beautiful experiences I have had on dance. Or I should say moving or art? I don’t know; this will only matter on choosing a place to study in the future but not anything else.

(the scene of my old teacher sitting on his heels, with his hands on the chest, saying that “so beautiful, this vulnerability crashed my heart” with his stable splendid eyes in certainty is always in my mind)


Below is my schedule for the last two day.

my notes

Points in details

Berlin Body IQ 2021 Somatics Festival

Project reflection

In this project, I did a series of photography on capturing the subtle faces in daily life. Compare to my previous project, it was much more haphazard; as what I had decided about this project, I tried not to make art on my scale of good and more enhance the reaction of mine on the present reality, which I was being defensive for a long time. The form of art in my project was also very suited in this way. As a genre of art, photography is actually based on every moment of reality, nurturing the subtlety of light and flash in continuous motion.

May also because of the form of photography or may not, I was still not feeling satisfied with this project. It was absolutely charming to find and record some attractive things through camera, and able to see all my photos anytime that meeting all those things at any time, like freezing some instant, wayward, fragile beautifulness, but it felt not enough— lack of some density of presence. I’d like to more agree that this is unsatisfying in my life. I am more and more familiar with this state; the dryness and flatness are going to grey all. Thinking about the presentation in art track this week, I value other people’s works so much, and it also shows what is happening on people. I want to find a way and a place for me to be— this is about the present and potential present(the future). It is quite interesting that there is a me looking at the growing me and smelling the smell as a lead to make decisions since I was nearly in primary school. I am not devoted to emotions, the things related to the I who was watching are always so intriguing (not the totally the me that watch, like the place in between that is continuously creating ). I don’t really know what is happening and had happened, a detachment is keeping happening, even words become difficult; I know it was carried on me at least from my childhood, but flourishing so much now. There are many things I should do.

A Whole View

After I got all the photos, I put them together to view, not one piece after another one. Scattering on the floor, there were attractions of those photos– those moments and the objects, that met at the same time. I felt excited that it has only happened in a moment, not one and one flash to form a period of senses. There were some implicit mysteries hidden there, just like that more essential relationship with objects shown in the photos.

I wonder what and how.

There were also some interesting things that I noticed in the whole view.

Thinking back to the Watermellon, the starter point of this project, I had been fascinated by an underlying ambiguous desire of the sense of going deeper. I also noticed the colourful ambiguity in my photos– contain a sense of sexuality and a pure desire with no evil or good at all. It had started my sensation of metaphor and the latent characteristic, which also the another approach to objects, as another perspective that I described at the beginning of this project.

The element of the gate was quite an impressive metaphor in the “after viewing” this time. It was shown in several photos and connected all.

This gave me inspiration for my final exhibition, and I decided to install a place that had different doors inside( I mean the metaphorical door ). There would be different layers in this space, and the photos would be shown under the different doors in different layers. This space would be like a maze for the people to walk inside and see the intrinsic angles of a larger complex world.


|Walk a snow|



Meet her lover


Snow white



Without blood

Pure harmonious hilarity



” Have the tea, please.”

The day, I was going to Blank Space to see the exhibition A Higher Calling.

It was the first snow, those atoms of me in my body and air were calling for a walk in the snow, and so I walked, and missed the exhibition.

They said, “the Black Space is not open today”.

In the higher calling of a day-walk in the snow in a call.