Project reflection

In this project, I did a series of photography on capturing the subtle faces in daily life. Compare to my previous project, it was much more haphazard; as what I had decided about this project, I tried not to make art on my scale of good and more enhance the reaction of mine on the present reality, which I was being defensive for a long time. The form of art in my project was also very suited in this way. As a genre of art, photography is actually based on every moment of reality, nurturing the subtlety of light and flash in continuous motion.

May also because of the form of photography or may not, I was still not feeling satisfied with this project. It was absolutely charming to find and record some attractive things through camera, and able to see all my photos anytime that meeting all those things at any time, like freezing some instant, wayward, fragile beautifulness, but it felt not enough— lack of some density of presence. I’d like to more agree that this is unsatisfying in my life. I am more and more familiar with this state; the dryness and flatness are going to grey all. Thinking about the presentation in art track this week, I value other people’s works so much, and it also shows what is happening on people. I want to find a way and a place for me to be— this is about the present and potential present(the future). It is quite interesting that there is a me looking at the growing me and smelling the smell as a lead to make decisions since I was nearly in primary school. I am not devoted to emotions, the things related to the I who was watching are always so intriguing (not the totally the me that watch, like the place in between that is continuously creating ). I don’t really know what is happening and had happened, a detachment is keeping happening, even words become difficult; I know it was carried on me at least from my childhood, but flourishing so much now. There are many things I should do.


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