Two paths of threads

Learned from my previous project, as what I reflected on The Inter-Spacing, I want to try a different approach of doing the project this month— doing without an intention of my ideal world. This doesn’t mean giving up, but more following the flow since one can’t get rid of it.

1⃣️The body diary

Looking back at myself, the strongest sense of mine is a kind of sense of living bodies, images of the irregular state of bodies, and those inner impulses, like tensions, breathes, and potential energies. All of them are related to the BODY, or the Material as the Immaterial solvating with it to be one.

Inspired by my teacher, Ayongga, the body, as a symptom of the one of something, is quite honest as well as tricky.

We know that you can’t hide anything from the body, for example, you can know the whole person view his/her body if you’re sensitive to it, or you can view the relationship of two or more objects(including human) from their material body and the spatial relationship between them and some other environmental objects.

In my experience of dancing (performance art), it is exactly the reason why I love it, it connects “you” with the hidden you, in the material. As Nietzsche said,

“You say ‘I’ and you are proud of this word. But greater than this- although you will not believe in it – is your body and its great intelligence, which does not say ‘I’ but performs ‘I’.”

That’s how a ideal about this project jumped out— I might make a body diary of daily casual things on the body (material).

some previous record of BODY

2⃣️ Camera Langua— About Perspectives

I was sitting in front of my desk, eating a watermelon with my spoon. In my movement, I gradually found that the quality of this fruit and the behaviours of scooping, raising, eating, and desiring were so fascinating; the red and fruity watermelon is shining under my lamp, spurting.

All so intriguing, and I took some photos of my watermelon.

see here

This leads me to the second idea– the perspectives of acquiring.

As dasein(being of peticular human beings), we lived the world which we are living in through sensing. All the informations we clearly get are through the door of our sensation– eyes, nose, skin, ears and mouse, for example, our imaginations are always based on what we already have known. Therefore, we never know the real world– what something is actaully is; we can only see and understand part of it in a stwisted way, and this also means there is always an immensive world for we to explore.

Perspecitve means a lot under this context, it means the way of establishing relationship, or seeing.


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