Shhhhh, the lion is coming (about fire)

With this sound (just click it and start to read)


“Don’t you want your life! It’s coming!”

“But what? I can’t see anything, even things I should see. No stars, no moon.”

“Close your eye and see. Light will light the darkness, for always.”


Longly exhaled, his eyelashes slapped and slapped, facing more daze than a trembled innocent fawn, and finally calmed them in this impending destiny. No stars, no moon, no white light to see. 

The world spun and the darkness wobbled; it swallowed all sights as what pride a human.

“Yuh, brother!” He felt like a snake had sneaked into his pants, too fast and cold to know which trouser leg it had come in; his mind yelled to him: then it will slip on his skin and bite his golden fruit.  

“Shhhh, calm down and see! It’s coming! Don’t you know that?”

“But, but……”

Almost flooding out, those bitter coldness was suddenly paused then delivered away. His brother placed his index finger on his lips, and it was so warm and firm. 

“See, Ashla ”, He murmured, “ Open your real eyes to see!”

“When the sun has gone and the moon has rest, the world begins its breath, before lives live and after lives sleep. You listen, carefully but not concentrate, unintentionally but not thoughtlessly. It is there—— everywhere. ”


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