|Walk a snow|



Meet her lover


Snow white



Without blood

Pure harmonious hilarity



” Have the tea, please.”

The day, I was going to Blank Space to see the exhibition A Higher Calling.

It was the first snow, those atoms of me in my body and air were calling for a walk in the snow, and so I walked, and missed the exhibition.

They said, “the Black Space is not open today”.

In the higher calling of a day-walk in the snow in a call.


Cathelia is walking on the long road. All is the desert around, she is bared feet, naked neck,  and wading across this land. Going ahead. Going back. Going to the Water of Life. 

Cathelia, Catherlia, walking on the desert of land. She is having her period, blood dropped into the arid sand; all drunken. The toe cap worn, no longer incisive and bright, it loses the direction pointed her way of next.

Is it the Water of Life? I cried. 

“It is the Water of Life!”, Cathelia cried.