My analysis of marketing plan and customer psychology/我对于营销方案及顾客心理的分析(中英双语)


For the record, all marketing plans I have made are solely my opinion and do not represent the whole truth.
I shall not be responsible for any reference.

ONE.Relevant concepts and basic theories

Product details:
Product name: Wash – free disinfectant
Product specification: 60ml/ bottle
Active ingredients and content: This product is based on ethanol (alcohol) as the main bactericidal ingredient, and the content is 75%±5% (the ethanol content meets the novel Coronavirus standard).
Scope of use: Suitable for quick hand disinfection of hygienic hands, surgical hands and other personnel in need
Product introduction: Apply the product evenly on the hands. After drying, a protective film can be formed on the hands to protect the hands and kill viruses at the same time.
Product features: after use, a protective film can be formed on the hands to sterilize and isolate viruses for a long time. It can be called liquid gloves.
(※ Generally, the product must contain more than 70% ethanol to kill the virus.)

Product-related concepts:
Features of hand sanitizer:

  1. Wash hands without water: easy to use and carry;
    Do not wash, you can clean your hands anytime and anywhere;
  2. Lasting effect: the effect lasts for 4-5 hours, up to 6 hours;
  3. Gentle skin care: it can control the oxidative stress level of hands, prevent skin damage and protect hands, nourish and care hand skin.
  4. Kill virus: it can kill virus effectively.
    The sanitizer can be used in hospitals, Banks, supermarkets, government offices, enterprises and public institutions, theaters, military units, entertainment places, schools, kindergartens, families, hotels, restaurants, airports, docks, railway stations and tourism environments without water and soap.

TWO.the status quo

Since dad was part of a research team, he didn’t know how the marketing team was promoting the product.
In addition, this product has just started mass production after being approved by the government, so there is no specific means of promotion.


The four problems they face are as follows :(※ in fact, the promotion on the Internet also has similar problems)
First, due to the relatively small number of people outside during the epidemic, it was difficult to carry out publicity in the street or in shops.
Secondly, the new product has just come into the market, and it needs a process of being gradually understood and promoted by the public.
Therefore, the new product reputation is not high, it is difficult to carry out external promotion.
Thirdly, in times of emergency, customers will not take risks to buy new products, they will only buy products that have been used before and have a certain reputation.
Fourth, customers do not understand the effects and advantages of the product, and cannot promote the product advantages.

FOUR.the countermeasures

The following are the countermeasures I proposed for him after learning the situation

  1. Authoritative promotion.
    Find a reputable local official or official who has come to see the product and its production environment, and target them for sales and promotion.
  2. Legal sales promotion.
    With the production license, product test report, record certificate and other government approval documents as the background of negotiation and publicity, promote others.
  3. Networking.
    Use your network or those around you to market the product to others.
  4. Physical promotion.
    Take out the actual product for passers-by to use, face to face inspection of product quality, personally experience its effect, and to promote.
  5. Promotion of advantages.
    The characteristics and advantages of the product will be emphasized external publicity, highlighting its benefits, thereby promoting.
  6. Price promotion.
    By reducing the price of their own products, highlight the advantages of the product itself and cost performance, in order to promote the purchase.
  7. Video/contrast promotion.
    Make videos that highlight the advantages of the product, or make videos comparing the product with other manufacturers’ products, so as to highlight the advantages of the product and promote it.
  8. Endorsement and promotion.
    Find a famous spokesman for the product, with him as the image ambassador with the fame of external communication, to achieve the effect of promotion.
  9. Television promotion.
    Look for well-known TV stations and negotiate with them to broadcast advertisements of this product or insert relevant information so as to achieve the promotion effect.
  10. Group promotion.
    Find and sign a contract with a large group of customers, provide them with this product for a long time, publicize the product through their mouth, and thus achieve the promotion effect.
  11. Media promotion.
    Carry out advertising through various media and apps to promote the public.
    Although I have come up with many other marketing solutions, some of them are not cost-effective and some are not easy to implement, so I won’t list them here.
    The reason why I put forward the above plan will also be explained in the following customer psychology.

FIVE.the conclusion

After listening to my mom and me and consulting with the marketing team at the academy, dad took the following four steps:
The first step is to negotiate with the surrounding pharmacies and sign a contract to put the products produced by the institute into the stores for sale.
Second, when district and county officials come to inspect and visit the institute, sell them the institute’s products and ask for promotion.
The third step is to make a long-term cooperation agreement with my mother’s school, so that the school becomes the first large group client of the institute.
At the same time, my mother also carried out promotion and publicity within the school.
The fourth step is to make a video comparing this product with other manufacturers’ products, in which the advantages and characteristics of this product are emphasized and reflected.
Videos can be posted on major media websites to achieve the effect of promotion and publicity.
Above is institute of marketing team to make promotion plan and marketing plan, this is institute of propaganda department of the marketing plan, although said that still can continue to refine and optimization, but it has to be very reliable solutions, already can satisfy the demand of the institute, so I wouldn’t advise.

Baidubaike — Hands-free disinfectant
Baidu Knows — 18 Most effective promotion Methods (for reference only)

Thank you
My parents, and my uncle(He is a businessman himself.)


PS: The following is my simple analysis of customer psychology.

Customer psychology:
Here, I will stand here from the perspective of a customer to in-depth analysis of their psychology, but also to answer the feasibility of the above marketing plan.
What criteria do you use when you buy something?
According to the common sense of the general people, generally will choose a high cost performance, good quality goods, intimate design, can perfectly meet their needs of the goods;
Or it could be a practical item worth buying despite its high price.
Or the appearance of a certain collection value, the contents of the general level, the price is also very fit goods.
I have given three examples of common thinking when buying things, which all carry out a key point, that is, to buy this thing, for yourself, is it worth it?
Does it have a price or a value that corresponds to itself?
Some people may wonder if this item can be successfully sold as long as the above conditions are met.
That’s not quite true.
Now the information on the Internet is so disorganized that we have to look at a lot of things if we want to sift through the information that is useful to us.
In this process, many people, in order to purchase more efficiently, will seek for famous websites and product brands to purchase. If a product fails to be promoted and publicized in time, it is likely to be drowned in the network.

The pros and cons of online shopping are clear: the pros are that you can place an order remotely without having to go to a physical store to see the purchase.
The downside is that you can’t be sure of the quality of the product and whether it’s right for you.
At this time, the most useful is to see the buyers show.

Why do buyer shows play a big role in your online shopping?
Actually just because of a point, it has the most real situation and reputation.
Because there is so much information on the Internet, it is very messy, and the information may be forged, so people can’t directly know the quality of the product before they buy it. At this time, they need the reputation of others to judge. The customer may say, “We can’t trust the manufacturer, but we can trust the buyer.
This is very true.
This goes through all of our shopping, and there’s no better way to save money and get the best value for money.

Next, I’ll explain why the above approach is useful:

  1. The reason why authoritative promotion is required is that when people buy something, they usually check whether it has good reputation or whether the price is reasonable.
    And the authoritative promotion, because of the recommendation of the official or famous people, can meet the reputation of this point, so as to achieve the effect.
  2. Legal marketing propaganda is to convince others that one’s products meet the requirements and standards with the official approval as the background.
  3. In the case of network promotion, it is to use people around them to promote their good friends. Since they have a certain reputation among their friends, the products they promote must be approved by them, which can also indicate that the product has a certain quality, so as to achieve the effect.
  4. Product promotion is for customers to experience themselves.
    After all, it is often said that what one hears is false, and what one sees is true, which can also enhance one’s persuasion and motivate others to buy.
  5. Advantage promotion means to publicize the characteristics and advantages of the product, so that others can compare the difference between the product and other products, and finally choose this product for purchase after a comparison.
    6 price promotion, if in the same conditions, you and his product quality are similar, but the price is very different, the other people will choose the most cost-effective, so as to achieve maximum benefits.
  6. Video and comparative promotion is basically to compare the product with other manufacturers’ products, and express it in a vivid and obvious way, so that people can realize the difference between the product and other products, as well as its advantages and characteristics more quickly.
  7. Endorsement and promotion are similar means to the first authoritative promotion. Both of them take advantage of people’s own fame to promote the product and let outsiders think that the product has been recognized by them.
  8. TV promotion is a very common method. By broadcasting advertisements related to its products on TV, TV viewers can know about the product and thus achieve the promotion effect.
  9. Group promotion is to find a large customer, make a long-term contract with them, and circulate and publicize them among their employees’ family and friends.
  10. The media is common, the specific situation is can undertake advertising through various media APP, like other advertising products, at the same time, because people for APP using frequency is very high, they will see a few times in a day these ads, osmosis can remember this product, eventually to achieve the effect of propaganda.






































































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