The gobi

The girl is running on the desert gobi, her feet are light, running forward. Since she was called to this world, anjie did not know how long she had been running in the gobi desert. The world was very strange, and the desert seemed boundless. I am not tired and I am very light, but I need to collect the pieces of the key scattered around the gobi to leave this world. Anjie is running to find the pieces of the key. But these days, anjie has not been able to find the key fragments, which let the original full of negative emotions she gradually lost confidence, ignore everything around.
White sun eerie light on her body, cast a thick shadow behind her, ran girl, the front there is a mountain, anzeel decided to go there to have a rest, gradually close to the mountains, she was surprised to find that there is a torn building at the foot of the mountain, the inside of the altar, is quietly floating a red gem, that’s what she sought for a long time the key pieces!
Anjie carefully put away the gem, but she felt very strange, why is the gem red? Why does red appear when the world is black and white? And why do I feel so warm when I see it? Anjie shook her head, threw her thoughts out of her mind, took the stone and went on her way to find the broken key.
As luck would have it, soon after she got her first red gem, she found orange, yellow, and green gems. Gem has wonderful effect, can let the holder see the color that they represent, still can bring different emotion, in anjie’s eyes black and white world becomes different gradually, it begins to shine, everything becomes very novel, this makes anjie cannot help but doubt this is the same world. He did not realize that at the same time that he was discovering the gem, her own mood was gradually becoming lighter, happier and softer. Those who have just come to this world, the heart left by the thorn is a little bit of softening, the heart is being added more color, no longer so black and white dark.
She found information about precious stones in the altar. It is said that there are seven precious stones, representing different colors and lights. When they gather, they will become the key to open the world. After that, she found cyan and blue gems one after another. The world became more colorful, changing colors all the time. All kinds of lights refracted in the air, and colorful beams converged in the air. Anjie was puzzled by the sight, but she didn’t pay much attention to it and still ran forward.
Finally, the last gem was found by her, and the gem was combined with other gem fragments to form a key. The key flew out of her hand to the white sun, and then gradually formed a rainbow bridge in midair, The girl happily walked up to the faraway place.

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