Mood Borad Experiment

What What I learn about making mood boards

Function: collect together research, visualize research and ideas, visually communicate a theme/design concept

1) divides the board into thirds
2) vertically and horizontally
3) create a focal point by placing the most important elements on the intersection of two lines
4) arrange other element around the first one 

My Mood Board 

Say No! But Don’t Say No.

Theme: Say No! But Don’t Say No.

Making Process: 

-I printed and cut the installations I made in the past three months and some of my favorite artworks and things into pieces

-Without concern about the theme, I arrange those pieces according to the guidelines.

-After finishing the mood board, I started to brainstorm the key message or story that this board may convey.

-I thought about, all the pieces that I put on the board are things that I like (such as bright colors, cat, candy…). But sometimes, I say NO to spend time on my favorite owing to do things that I should. However, I hope I can provide more freedom to not say NO to the things I like.

-But, sometimes I should say NO. For example, when people make unreasonable demands on me, or I want to get rid of your bad habits. I should say NO.

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