About This Website

This website shows my work inside and outside school, detailing four of my public service projects, dance drama JOB, independent research on teenage donation behavior, several art installations, etc. 

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Please click “Public Service Projects,” “Research,” “Sculpture & Installation,” “Literature Reading,” or “Math Projects” located at the top of this page. 

Dancing Conveys Ideas

Dance Drama JOB-“Judgment, Obstacles, and Buds”

Society is a huge web, and we live under it.
We meet obstacles and judgment while pursuing individualization.
We compromise but own a sense of belonging in socialization.
We grow and bloom like buds while finding a balance between the self and the collective.


About Me

-Name: Ruoqing Wang

-Birthday: Feb. 13, 2003

-Constellation: Aquarius

-Favorite movie: The Lord of the Rings

-Hobbies: Dancing, skiing,
& taking care of cats in the community