Final Work: A Queer Snowy Tree

Brief Introduction

Name: A Queer Snowy Tree
Theme: Explore emotions
Materials: Broken desk lamp (red), scrap tires, cotton,
take-out packaging (silver), pigment (blue & white)


Explore Emotions is the big theme of this project. Thus, I made a plan for discovering my emotions by doing things that seems unusual or a little bit strange to me, like I have painted many figures of mice on a white in the classroom.

I felt so uncomfortable while making myself feel certain intense emotions. Instead of being excited and elated while singing Karaoke at my school, there were no unordinary waves in my heart, just like my normal status quo.

Accordingly, I wondered what are the emotional states that I enjoy the most — being serene and delighted. In the list of things that help me to achieve the state of feeling serenity, I wrote:

“Walking in the snow at night while shaking tree branches to let the snow falling down”

Tree Branches Covered with Snow

This is where my inspiration came from. I decided to make an artwork that can convey the intention of this sentence, and express my calm and joyful state of mind.


The red broken lamp — a tree brance
The shape of the lamp reminded me the winding branches
The color blue — serenity and clamness
Blue is the color of clamness
The cotton — snow
The soft texture of cotton is like snow

Process Record

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