Teen-Manage Decision Making and Critical Thinking

“If Our world was not ready for the pandemics, what can we do about it? How do we/our communities recover from pandemics?

This question is that guiding question push me forward in the IP project. Double H is about the health of human community, and we are trying figure out what we can do as nobody can keep out of this affair. People with same purpose gathered with their sense of mission. Teen-Manage is form by the people who want to solve online learning and online collaboration hardship. And toward the topic, we have generated several ideas to work it out.

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More than 18 million enterprises and more than 300 million people are working remotely in China this Spring. According to public records, there are more than 700 million working people nationwide, which means that half of China’s working population has participated in this telecommuting experience. In the United States, more than 80 percent of businesses have introduced telecommuting. This means that the “telecommuting” model has been experienced by most employees in the enterprise.Such a large online office experiment makes the advantages of this mode also revealed.

From researching online, we find out that millions of people already taking remote working online. Since 2020 March, people notice that the pandemic won’t be end in short period, or it just a beginning. Online working is a big trending before the pandemic, and the Covid-19 drag nations into this big experiment.

Many questions will jumped out after this: “If the remote working shows really successful, are going to work online after the pandemic?” or “What is pro and con of working online?”.

We took a estimate on the pandemic, the remote working will be a tide, that every organization should try out, whether you’re school, or company, or small group. This is the time to change the conservative mindset. We think this is a great opportunity to make some attempt on this.

The product that every team member want to reach is a platform that can help online collaborators works fluently. Everyone sense that their is not really much online collaboration tools that helps us to work, or in the other way, we want to build one that may solve the most cooperation difficulty.

Afterwards we generated our mission and vision:


Iterating Slashme (an online cooperation platform) from the perspective of high school students, to make it more youth project management friendly.


Help teenagers in different places to carry out effective online cooperation.

As you can see, we’ve aware that the perspective of teenage is our merit, and this is the reason of naming ourselves: “Teen(ager)-Manage(ment)”

The strategy of solving a question is listed in the image below. We used the defend in the attack, which means we solve the problem with discovering, in sum, we improve the problem.

For clear cut the problem, we’ve started with ourselves, the issue that we have need to face every day. Because as the user of our product, We made the empathy maps for conjecture users mindset.


  • 线上的「看不见感」会降低合作效率。因为看不到彼此,没有了社交压力,人们更容易分心去做其他事。
  • 缺少紧张的竞争环境,没有了同伴压力。
  • 缺少面对面团队氛围,没有了社群文化。
  • 青少年项目新手对于合作模式的变革需要适应的时间。
  • 看不到自己在项目中的成长路径
  • 长时间对着屏幕影响视力(家长十分关心)和身体健康。
  • 没办法强制见面,沟通有时间差,问题无法得到及时解决。
  • 网络一卡,错过一堆。
  • 像实验类需要真实场景的合作无法进行。


  • 线上的「看不见感」允许合作者分心干点其他事儿。
  • 缺少紧张的竞争环境,没有了同伴压力。
  • 缺少面对面团队氛围,没有了社群文化,社恐人士的福音。
  • 家里学习环境好,有更大的独立空间,舒服。
  • 省去了路上的时间。
  • 在家里不会传染,很安全。

Bold represent the part we are going to give solution.

But the data from ourselves can not represent the group of teenager, we need to find and collect more effective data to move on the next step. So we have a range around MSA survey:

From the information that we have gathered in preamble, the most significant problem shows of the interaction during the meeting. Last two graph is about the platform tools using and the functions, the highest column of “the difficulty faced during the collaboration” is the less communication, this turn out to be to top of feedback we gave to Slash Me in after, and ” the mission of “Help teenagers in different places to carry out effective online cooperation.” is the describe of the problem. We wish that without the low efficiency meetings(voice calls). People are able to collaborate without straight “voice talking” to each other, but by using our tools, the feedback from each other can be delivered.

Thus, we interpret the information we’ve gathered, we noticed that the key to solve the problem is to make sure by using our tool, user can interact with each other in any necessary situation, without having a voice call, this turn out to be the most important job in our after project.

Since we have finished every preparation before doing something real, we sink in to a moment of “don’t know what to do”.

In the beginning of the project we were run for a product the created by our own, but soon we figure out we don’t have the ability to create a platform or a webpage, and this is not our strong side.

And then, I’ve participate the publish conference of Slash Me, A platform of collaboration introduced by Kate Yang in our IP project. I contacted with Fiona (one of founder of Slash Me), and explained the willingness of provide a perspective of teenager, the partnership between Teen Manage to Slash Me started that day.

The logo of slash me
link direct to it:

After we’ve been familiar with Slash Me, we took several zoom meeting with the Fiona , we wrote our feedback sheet to them. In the document, we have mainly focus on the feedback and scenes that happened mostly in online collaboration.

We’ve summarized the often feedback people used in collaboration, and sort it into a specific functionality in Slash Me. We expect that have the proper feedback give to people on time, a team could collaborate with each other fluently

and we summarized the every necessary situations that happened in our daily collaboration routine, corresponded the interpretation we have in the previous text.

The document of feedback, already received by Slash Me

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