Teen-Manage Decision Making and Critical Thinking

“If Our world was not ready for the pandemics, what can we do about it? How do we/our communities recover from pandemics?

This question is that guiding question push me forward in the IP project. Double H is about the health of human community, and we are trying figure out what we can do as nobody can keep out of this affair. People with same purpose gathered with their sense of mission. Teen-Manage is form by the people who want to solve online learning and online collaboration hardship. And toward the topic, we have generated several ideas to work it out.

Website of BBC news


More than 18 million enterprises and more than 300 million people are working remotely in China this Spring. According to public records, there are more than 700 million working people nationwide, which means that half of China’s working population has participated in this telecommuting experience. In the United States, more than 80 percent of businesses have introduced telecommuting. This means that the “telecommuting” model has been experienced by most employees in the enterprise.Such a large online office experiment makes the advantages of this mode also revealed.

From researching online, we find out that millions of people already taking remote working online. Since 2020 March, people notice that the pandemic won’t be end in short period, or it just a beginning. Online working is a big trending before the pandemic, and the Covid-19 drag nations into this big experiment.

Many questions will jumped out after this: “If the remote working shows really successful, are going to work online after the pandemic?” or “What is pro and con of working online?”.

We took a estimate on the pandemic, the remote working will be a tide, that every organization should try out, whether you’re school, or company, or small group. This is the time to change the conservative mindset. We think this is a great opportunity to make some attempt on this.

The product that every team member want to reach is a platform that can help online collaborators works fluently. Everyone sense that their is not really much online collaboration tools that helps us to work, or in the other way, we want to build one that may solve the most cooperation difficulty.

Afterwards we generated our mission and vision:


Iterating Slashme (an online cooperation platform) from the perspective of high school students, to make it more youth project management friendly.


Help teenagers in different places to carry out effective online cooperation.

As you can see, we’ve aware that the perspective of teenage is our merit, and this is the reason of naming ourselves: “Teen(ager)-Manage(ment)”

The strategy of solving a question is listed in the image below. We used the defend in the attack, which means we solve the problem with discovering, in sum, we improve the problem.

For clear cut the problem, we’ve started with ourselves, the issue that we have need to face every day. Because as the user of our product, We made the empathy maps for conjecture users mindset.


  • 线上的「看不见感」会降低合作效率。因为看不到彼此,没有了社交压力,人们更容易分心去做其他事。
  • 缺少紧张的竞争环境,没有了同伴压力。
  • 缺少面对面团队氛围,没有了社群文化。
  • 青少年项目新手对于合作模式的变革需要适应的时间。
  • 看不到自己在项目中的成长路径
  • 长时间对着屏幕影响视力(家长十分关心)和身体健康。
  • 没办法强制见面,沟通有时间差,问题无法得到及时解决。
  • 网络一卡,错过一堆。
  • 像实验类需要真实场景的合作无法进行。


  • 线上的「看不见感」允许合作者分心干点其他事儿。
  • 缺少紧张的竞争环境,没有了同伴压力。
  • 缺少面对面团队氛围,没有了社群文化,社恐人士的福音。
  • 家里学习环境好,有更大的独立空间,舒服。
  • 省去了路上的时间。
  • 在家里不会传染,很安全。

Bold represent the part we are going to give solution.

But the data from ourselves can not represent the group of teenager, we need to find and collect more effective data to move on the next step. So we have a range around MSA survey:

From the information that we have gathered in preamble, the most significant problem shows of the interaction during the meeting. Last two graph is about the platform tools using and the functions, the highest column of “the difficulty faced during the collaboration” is the less communication, this turn out to be to top of feedback we gave to Slash Me in after, and ” the mission of “Help teenagers in different places to carry out effective online cooperation.” is the describe of the problem. We wish that without the low efficiency meetings(voice calls). People are able to collaborate without straight “voice talking” to each other, but by using our tools, the feedback from each other can be delivered.

Thus, we interpret the information we’ve gathered, we noticed that the key to solve the problem is to make sure by using our tool, user can interact with each other in any necessary situation, without having a voice call, this turn out to be the most important job in our after project.

Since we have finished every preparation before doing something real, we sink in to a moment of “don’t know what to do”.

In the beginning of the project we were run for a product the created by our own, but soon we figure out we don’t have the ability to create a platform or a webpage, and this is not our strong side.

And then, I’ve participate the publish conference of Slash Me, A platform of collaboration introduced by Kate Yang in our IP project. I contacted with Fiona (one of founder of Slash Me), and explained the willingness of provide a perspective of teenager, the partnership between Teen Manage to Slash Me started that day.

The logo of slash me
link direct to it:

After we’ve been familiar with Slash Me, we took several zoom meeting with the Fiona , we wrote our feedback sheet to them. In the document, we have mainly focus on the feedback and scenes that happened mostly in online collaboration.

We’ve summarized the often feedback people used in collaboration, and sort it into a specific functionality in Slash Me. We expect that have the proper feedback give to people on time, a team could collaborate with each other fluently

and we summarized the every necessary situations that happened in our daily collaboration routine, corresponded the interpretation we have in the previous text.

The document of feedback, already received by Slash Me

Recover the Design Club

Our exhibition sign for last semester

Since we’ve working epidemic, and the club purpose of leadership has changed. The One Up Design Group paused for working online. I assume there is some problem with myself and to assign a club online, I never did this kind of business before. I really want to recover the club to the atmosphere last semester, but it seems much harder during social distancing

The main issue I’ve to solve is, I do not know what design topic I want to work on, during the epidemic, and collaborate with people. To be honest, I was kind of listless with social distancing. Even though I was lack of motivation on design. I tried to think all night to generate an idea, a topic that everyone can works on.

Unfortunately, I did not come up with any idea, so the club was lied idle for long.

In order to make a plan out, I’ve used system thinking tools for a solution. I’ve discussed with my teammates first, and received few of feedbacks:

After the discussion, I moved towards more systematic analyze. The CLD(Casual Loop Diagram), which I’ve used at the previous post, to demonstrate the connections between the elements.

I started to draw the graph with two key elements: “Club closed” and “Club start to run”, trying to do some connections between them. While after I finished the graph. The point of the graph is the “Balancing Loop” in the middle. During that night, I was keep thinking about how I gonna come up with an idea, but more I think, more stress I obtained.

On the next step, I’ve used Mental Model to reflect my mental behavior how I interpret the observable experiences. Base on the ladder of Mental Model, climb from the current experience to the action I should take.

Before I started to write the post, I’ve already came out with a solution and taken the action. So I have a complete ladder, which shows a example of using this:

The ladder of Mental Model

By using the mental model, start from the base of the ladder, I have analyzed my interpretation to the “data”, and the assumptions I’ve made. In the Conclusion: My club mates do not have passion on the club, or they have no time to work on another task, the club. We’re stucked with no topic to go.

Now I looked into the conclusion I’ve made, noticed I created many wrong assumptions. People never know what they’re thinking if they do no reflect on their mental. I think the Mental Model is quite helpful for people having trouble and facing the problems.

The Iceberg – What’s under the China population?

Our Population in China is having the greatest number for a long time. 2019, China’s population is over 1.4 billion and with 0.39% rate of increase. the well-known birth control in the country is started in 70’s and rapidly lowered the fertility rate and the increase of population, but the crisis which will come after the overwhelming excess of population, the “Aging of China”. the prospects given by OPCS(Office of Population Census Surveys) shows that, if the country growing as still, the aging of China will be a problem lying in the front.

I’m a student from the course of system thinking, yet we decided to have a research under the iceberg under the data, and figure out why the population growth like these.

China total population over time(1978 to 2014)

Birth rate
Resources: World Bank

we can see that the graph demonstrated the fertility rate shows that the climax of population in time is around 1965, having the rate of 6.385, and after that, the fertility rate went down to 2.5 during 1965 to 1995, a pick up of population is about 1980, and continue to fall to 1995, and shows a rate of rising gradually till present days.

Birth Control Policy (family Planning/One Child Policy)

By researching that the story behind the decreasing came after the climax is the birth control policy appeared in China. Yanchu Ma proposed a article about arguing the population in the country and the idea of birth control in 1957. 1962, a serious protocol of the Central Committee and the State Council. Until the 1964, which year the Family Planning Committee was formed, and the policy started to operate at the very first time. At that time, 1/5 of village down the country side were forced to running the new policy. And that is exactly the reason that we see the decreasing of fertility rate.

After the policy was built, the strength of the control became more and more harsh. In 1973, Family Planning was already counted as a national policy, and claimed that a pair can only have two child, having one child is the best. In 1980, the control of policy’s requirement down to one child per pair, which is as known as the One Child Policy.

This explained that the fertility rate’s decreasing in the graph: it once stopped at 1980, around 2.5 birth rate, which is close to the limits of 2 child policy, and after that, 1 child policy published, population was declined again, almost reached the 1.5 line.

After the prominent work of the one child policy, government started to notice that if the country’s fertility rate keeping going down, the decreasing of new child will not be given the birth, and the country will face another huge problem, the aging of the country. the percentile of 65+ population will take more portion in the population, they need retirement, require for caring. The working power with no new blood boost in, the entire country will enter a old age.

So, One Child Policy is not a long term project, once the fertility got controlled, government need to open the policy for family planning. around 2010, 1.2 Child policy published, and then 1.5(1.5 means if one of the pairs is from a one child family, the family can have 2 children)

Finally, in January, 1 2016, the universal two-child policy published, and ended the two score and 1 decade birth control period, but the controversial policy in the China is no longer is still exist, people are still waiting for maybe the “three-child policy” or no policy for birth control.

Today is April in 2020, as the previous mentioned, the prediction of 2055 in China, the population is still a big problem. Even though for now the increasing rate seems fine, China still have 0.39% population growing. But in the perspective from the long term trending, the increasing will no longer be it. If China, a colossus with 1.4 billion population, started to losing the fertility rate really quickly, then the aged group in the population will stand in a very dangerous position in the way.

Let’s say that if we can analyze the country and government a system, figure out the principle behind it, then we shall predict what will happen in the future

CLD (Casual Loop Diagram)

balancing loop

Balancing feedback loop is a condition of feedback loop when the “direction” of the interaction between different elements are opposite.
When one of the elements in a balancing feedback loop changes, for a response, the other element will change more. However, this increase of change will cause a decrease of change on the initial element.
At a word, when element A in a reinforcing feedback loop increases/decreases, the other element B will also increase/decrease. However, this change will make A decrease/increase. The system finds its balance in the fluctuation listed above. —- DIY Definition by system thinking students

The balancing loop is the tools using to modeling the appearance during 1965 to 2016. as the definition of balancing loop, an element in a system, will be balanced by a mechanics in the loop. if the element get over the predicting value, or lower than, the balancing loop will try to balance the value to the most suitable one.

so every time the population increased or decreased, the birth control(by the government) will balance the increase or decrease to normal. For instance, in 1965, overwhelmed population and the striking number of 6.3 of birth rate made the Chinese government realized that the population will destroy the country if it keep increasing without intervene, then the family planning kicked in, balanced the population quickly.


But in the title of analyzing the population in a country, China spent 15 years to restrain the increasing population(from 1964 to 1980), this is a delay in the system. Delay in population control is nonnegligible. the policy will not remove thousand of population instantly, but for decades. A full-fledged policy need time left to test it. For birth controlling, 5 decades over, the aging of population still exist, this is the hardest part for a long-delayed balancing loop, government need years to re-amend the policy.


After those analyzes, we figure out how the government control the population. the system of balancing loop will keep adjust the input over time, until the population goes fine. And the delay in the system, is the biggest problem that makes the balancing tough to handle. Although the prediction made the aging of China, the balancing shall prevent it before happen.

Consider with more comprehensive analyze

But the elements we have include or considered is enough, for analyze the population, there are many factors that can influence the population. War, famine, policy, even being wealthy can impact on the population.

GDP (current US$)
fertility rate, total (birth per woman)

From observe the trending on the graphs, we can see the GDP of China is upgoing quickly since 2000, and in the contrast, the fertility rate is falling quick falling since 1960. In math, we can call two data group “negative correlation”. Which means, the growth of GDP will cause a edgrowth of fertility rate.

If we only consider the data from 1960 to 2018, the correlation can be defined as negative. However, the relationships between population and other factor can not be listed detailed right here, but the more factor you have, the more of your diagram’s accuracy will contained

sketch of a stock and flow diagram, I tried my best to include as much as elements here, even the Covid 19 😀

I think there is no way that somebody can run every elements that influence the population, nobody can. So to be much detailed is not the way out. Otherwise, people can tell the future.

Bring the big picture view of problem

To analyze the population, I pretty much sure that you’re not gonna success with list every possibility. Thus, why don’t we zoom out, and use a more universal tools?

Archetypes is the phenomenon that people observed and summarized from common systems. We can use the archetypes that apply to our system and use the common solution to describe it.

After viewed the archetypes, I decide to use “The Limits of Success/Growth” to describe the phenomenon of the population in a country.

Sample Limits to Success Behavior Over Time

The reason why I decide to use this diagram, is that from my observe of population, countries tend to approach to the a steady ratio of fertility rate at last. To understand the phenomenon of limits to the growth, we can look in to the example of it.

The example in the limits to the success is that a company that seal the fish started to collecting wealth in the beginning, they catch fishes from the ocean, and use the money of sealing the fish to expand their shipments. The scale of the company growth and growth until they reached the limits of success, they can’t get more fish from the ocean, because the total amount of fish can not satisfy them.

This can be apply to the country population as well. The total amount of resources on the mainland is limited, that could only support such amount of population to live. As long as the population reach the limit, the number will not increase anymore.

The Fertility Rate of Developed countries in Europe and United States

I apply the idea to the CLD sample of the archetype, then I have this:

The total amount of resources will supply the population in a country. In fact, the total resources is limited, so the population will finally started to be balance by the lack of resource.

There is an exception right here, that is the conversion rate of resources, or the utility ratio of power. People can only use their body effort to farm the land to get cereals. But as long as the invention of machines, locomotive steam machines, and the electricity. We can use less effort to generate more power. Revolution can bring population boom in a short period.

Back to the China: What can China government do?

The Leverage Action is the point that you can put the less effort in a system to exchange for the maximal change to the system. Just like an leverage. If we’re able to find the most efficient leverage point in the population system, then we simply solve the problem.

So the leverage action that the archetype of The limits of growth gave us the point below:

“This archetype is best addressed by mapping out the interactions of the growth loops, resource stocks, and potential limiters to growth in the future before problems arise. In the case of overfishing, this may include slowing down growth in the short term in order for fishing stocks to recover. Or in the case of an economy’s dependence on oil, the solution may be to to decouple the limiting factor from the system itself by transitioning to alternative energy sources.”

(source from:https://systemsandus.com/archetypes/limits-to-growth/)

The Two way that archetypes lead the solution, is to stop the overusing the resource in the system, to let it to recover. If China is going to take the strategy, they should limit people from overmining the ores, fishing the fishes. This is the policy of all the developed country are doing. Slow down the exploit and prepare for the long term. I’m pretty sure the China government must planning on this.

And second strategy is to jump out of the factor that limit the system, or in the other way: do something revolutionary. We can discover a new field of resource to use, then the loop of limitation won’t limit us. New type of energy is still hot topic in scientific research. Clear energy, which can produce zero emissions, is the only way out to save a country

Stonehenge Analyzing

Form: Monument

Style: Old Ancient 3000 B.C.E.-2000 B.C.E built by ancient blue stone

Material: Bluestone(青石)

Technique:  科学家们做出了很多关于如何将这么大一块青石从远处的各地运输过来的。假设这些巨大的青石是从威尔士运输至此,而不是另一个学者猜测的通过冰川漂浮过来的。那么通过人力运输,只有可能通过在陆地上的移动来实现这一点。有一次尝试中,很难


Content: 很多史前历史学家给出的猜测很多都是基于民间的超自然传说。比如梅林有一个巨人帮他建造了这样一个矩阵。石头是有魔法的,或者干脆就是魔鬼建筑的。



德鲁伊教的理论已经被正是不是正确的。德鲁伊的教会仪式一般都是在山中的树林之中进行,这样的平地更加适合进行“大地仪式”(Earth Ritual)





A Paradise for Idealism

Titled: A Paradise for Idealism

Created in Oct 29, 2019

Digital illustration (Graphics tablet/Photoshop)

Here is a music list for the image: “An Idealistic Paradise”

You use the research tool in WangYiYun Music

Come out — Glenn Ligon, Identity

格伦·利根(Glenn Ligon),生于1960美国纽约,概念艺术家。


Exhibition Title: Well, it’s a bye-bye, if you call that gone

“‘Come Out”系列的灵感来自于美国极简派作曲家Steve Reich在1966年创作的同名作品“Come Out”。Steve Reich被委任为一场慈善音乐会创作一支曲子,音乐会的目的是为Harlem Six(6个美国黑人少年在1964年时被错误地指控谋杀了哈莱姆区的一家店主)筹集辩护基金。Steve Reich将焦点放在了Daniel Hamm的录音证词上——Daniel Hamm陈述到他不得不撕开他身上由警察造成的伤口让血流出来,以证明自己受伤了、需要救治——他的创作隔离出“出来展示给他们看”(come out to show them)这句话,不断地在两个同时播放的音频轨道上重复它。类似的,格伦·利根(Glenn Ligon)的画作通过反复手工印刷相同的短语来回应了这出悲剧,重叠的词语层在密度与易辨性也产生了变化。”



Negro Sunshine

格伦引用了Gertrude Stein在小说 The lives 中的片段,将霓虹灯管的正面层涂黑,只留出背面发出的黄色荧光,很明显的表露了自己的形象在这样的一个光线和黑色灯管的对比

格伦使用了如此新颖的方式表达了他对种族不平等的不满,有些时候是张扬自己丰盈的一个存在,甚至可以说是“强调”。在 I AM A MAN 中使用简单的字母形象,以下划线的简单方式强调African American也是有人权的,我和其他人没有区别。


James Turrell -The Light Inside

James Turrell a American artist born 1943, Mainly concerned about the “light and space” throughout his artworks

James Turrell has been influenced by his childhood experience since the psychology perceptual training and that formed his fascination about light and space. In the time 1960, he published his first draft that showed a artist so dedicated to the natural sight that is light and space

“My work is more about your seeing than it is about my seeing, although it is a product of my seeing. I’m also interested in the sense of presence of space; that is space where you feel a presence, almost an entity — that physical feeling and power that space can give.”

Turrell starting to create his spatial art pieces by pure light recorded in 1967. As you can see, the main objects showed in the image are simple geometric, the creation of basics that built up our world. The masterpieces I’ve put in the top of the article called “The Light Inside” published in 1999. A spatial one shaped by a tunnel piece.

James Turrell’s works during 1990-1991

As my view, I prefer to say those works are so related to architecture. to be a guy that passionate with architectural stuff, I could say those works highly showed his understanding about space and shape.

“Interspace and lights are all his creation materials.” — by me

EGO — A Board Game for Self-Awareness

packing for the game

EGO是我在One-Up Design Club的第一份设计,而“Ego”本身这个单词的含义就是“自我”的意思。

EGO is the first draft of design I’ve made in One-Up design Club, and EGO itself means the identity of yourself.


Before I come up with the idea to design a board game, I actually have some different inspirations. The first topic in the club: “Self-Awareness”. I expect my design to solve the problem that everyone might need to face to, about to understand and perceive yourself.


The most frequently occasion that people need to apply their self-awareness, probably when you are forced to “Introduce” yourself. Oftentimes you need to present yourself to a crowd of people, and it will be awkward if you’re not really extrovert person. A board game perhaps can solve the problem pleasantly.


Actually, the game not merely just solve the problem with introduce yourself, but if player could played with each other more trustful and familiar, the game shall bring more connection between people and may break through the self-knowledge. This is the outcome I wish to see or people played after my game could receive.


Where I started with


After the club finished the intro to design, we were ready for the first practical design. Our first topic is “Self-Awareness”. Most of people in the club were thinking about how to present themselves with a poster or a manual book, but I decide to make a design with more utilitarian purpose, which can solve real life problem. I don’t want to make a personal statue.

一开始我的想法是像名片一样的小东西,我可以通过设计在上面创作出很多自定义的图案,来代表个人的特色。或者是一串项链,每颗珠子都是一个元素。但是重点是我想带来的形式,我想用这个设计来解决所有关于自我认知的难题,也就是说,这个设计是通用的 (Universal)

In the beginning, I started with a idea of something present yourself. A business card, that I can edit few icons and patterns on it, for presenting yourself. Another idea is a string of necklace, each bead painted with certain element. But in most essentially, the format I want to use, a design that can solve every kind problem with self awareness. Which means, the design must be universal.

example for business card


New inspiration hit me when I was presenting my manuscripts. I linked with the board game I’ve made in the first semester. I quickly changed my idea, claimed that I want to design a board game.



I have a sense that the board game with the self-awareness topic can be already design by somebody else online, so I did few research and gained nothing. Maybe I’m the first person who want to design a self awareness board game.

Ellen has been mentioned she played a board game before really like mine one. Same topic for self-knowledge. The function of the board game is about, you pick card from a pile, and every card have a painting on it, and you chose the one that fit you. I think the game is sort of: “Check-in” type of game. Not really fun if you play it several times. And you don’t really have rules from it, you can play whatever you want. I suppose my game need rules, and have to be fun to play.



When I was running out of ideas, I thought a lot about the format of board games and the rules. My first thought was that the board game might be a test, and I made it quite clear that at the end of the game each player would leave a set of hand cards, and those cards would represent some of the attributes of the person. The idea came from a set of psychological tests we did in the middle of the semester. In my opinion, an accurate result can be obtained through some questions, which may fit the goal of my board game: that is, to give a reply to the player: What kind of person are you on earth

我觉得也许那些心理测试的过程会很像我的桌游,然后我就去网上找到了一个心理测试的网站,然后选择了personality test。我一共花了大概半小时把这样一个测试做完了。测试一共分为120道题,每道题就是对人的一个简单描述。然后你需要选择0-5分之间的一分。代表着这样的一个描述对你的合适程度。举几个例子:“我很好的保守一个秘密”或者“我很容易被激怒”。一共120个这样的问题,很明显的问题但是它会反复旁敲侧击各种角度的去问你。最终出来这样的一个报告。我觉得还是测试的很像我的,我好像也的确是这么一个人。

I thought maybe the psychological tests would be similar to my board game, so I went to google and found a psychological test website, chose the personality test. It took me about half an hour to finish such a test. The test is divided into 120 questions, each of which is a simple description of a person. Then you need to choose a score between 0 and 5. Represents how appropriate such a description is for you. “I’m good at keeping a secret” or “I’m easily provoked.”There are 120 of these questions, obvious questions but it’s going to ask you over and over again from different perspective. at last it came out a report. I think the test is very similar to mine, and I seem to be fitted with the test result


But it turns out that this is a way of testing that I don’t accept at all. I don’t think I’d want a board game designed like this or borrowed from a test mechanism. That’s why I totally reject the possibility of a serious report being produced. It is also a process in which I am thinking about my design iteration.


And then I went to Chuck and asked him for some academic advice on psychology, like is there a list of words you can use to describe a person. I don’t think I can be very thorough considered. So I think I should seek some academic help. Chuck, on the other hand, wanted me to do something on my own. He thought he would limit me if he gave me some standards. So I jumped right into the creative process.



initial ideas, each card need to have strong or weak connections with yourself










Since I finished my first draft of my board game, I test the game out on our coaching time. The process of game is quite good for my expectation, some of the parts need improvements

I really appreciate to my coaching mates and Ellen. We’ve played my α version of game, and after the test, I came out with hereinafter reflection:










我的原型牌,和 Ellen以及coach mate测试时用的纸牌
The prototype

The game is fully functional right now, and I move on to the visual design section

The work of visual design is basically turn the freehand sketching into more formal, and electronic form that easy to print. The rework on the cards is the progress of simplify and using color to express more stout feelings.

For example the set of the geometric, I’ve simplified redundant lines and used a strong black figure to express the geometric figures, makes it more figurative and could give the feeling of the attribute that the figure contained.(e.g. the circle is saponaceous, or the triangle is spiky..)

Once I’ve been query by Chunyang (the instructor of our club), he advice me that I may cancel out the color in the figures, because I have the color cards in my game. That means if I’m using the color in other cards, the sense of feeling you can get from color cards will be recede, makes no contrast. I take the advice at first, but I notice that if their is no color in the other card, the sense of feeling would be recede in the other hand. For example, I could have use red for the card fire, but there is no color for it, then the sense of warm and burning won’t exist anymore

Now the board game printed out

I’ve been thinking a lot during the design progress, Almost all the design works that you can see right now are decided by myself alone. Actually I didn’t do a lot researches and asking for help in time, so I spent most of the time to think about what kind like design piece I prefer to show to people, what kind like feeling and gain after they finished game. How could the form(board game) help my design to make people feel the information that I want to people to feel.

I would like to praise myself as I’ve done a good job on design a board game such like this. I combined the topic:” self awareness” suitable in to a design work. The come up reflections are telling me that my board game actually work at the time, it really help people to recognize and have a deeper view of them self, those achievements are what I want to see.

But even though I designed a really functioned board game, there still have a lot space that allowed me to do more improvements for a better version of design. As the contents of cards are all based on nothing but all I’ve figured out, it turned out all the design works are not fully reliable, I could do more research to design a more scientific work that might based on psychology knowledges, Philosophy concepts or those more systematically points.

Edvard Munch-The flowing of emotions





Arrival of the Mail Boat  in 1990

August Stringberg 1982



The Dance of Life 1990

The Anxiety1894

The scream 1893




The Sunset 1909