Introduce to “No Exit” – A spatial restore project

“No exit” is the book we’ve studied on EN3001 class couple weeks ago, including researches, debates, and monologue writing around the book. And I, was pretty much obsessed with the concept of “Existentialism” proposed by the composer of “No Exit”-Jeans Paul Satre. In the book, Satre depicted a room down in the hell, with one man and two women trapped. They are not able to escape from each other and with unavoidable to hurt each other.

“The hell is designed for the three, one man and two women. It brings a counterbalance position in between them. No one will be happy with other three. This is a sample model to have a existentialism hell. For Garcin, he will never sleep in hell, because the light is permanent on. The look from Inez will always follow him, because he or she can not leave the room…

…This is a completely contradiction to the free choice of Sartre’s existentialism. Individual self-consciousness precedes everything is the core proclaim from Sartre-“Existence precedes Essence.” The famous quote expresses the individual consciousness shall determine the essence of himself, including whether he is a coward or not.” (excerpts from my paper: “The Hell of Existentialism”)

However, the “Room“, is a architectural figure to be used by Satre, in order to built a atmosphere and tension in his book. For my self, now a big fan of existentialism. Prefer to use architectural language to express and discuss about the conceptual ideal in “No Exit”, and explore the possibility it brings to Art and philosophy.

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