Recover the Design Club

Our exhibition sign for last semester

Since we’ve working epidemic, and the club purpose of leadership has changed. The One Up Design Group paused for working online. I assume there is some problem with myself and to assign a club online, I never did this kind of business before. I really want to recover the club to the atmosphere last semester, but it seems much harder during social distancing

The main issue I’ve to solve is, I do not know what design topic I want to work on, during the epidemic, and collaborate with people. To be honest, I was kind of listless with social distancing. Even though I was lack of motivation on design. I tried to think all night to generate an idea, a topic that everyone can works on.

Unfortunately, I did not come up with any idea, so the club was lied idle for long.

In order to make a plan out, I’ve used system thinking tools for a solution. I’ve discussed with my teammates first, and received few of feedbacks:

After the discussion, I moved towards more systematic analyze. The CLD(Casual Loop Diagram), which I’ve used at the previous post, to demonstrate the connections between the elements.

I started to draw the graph with two key elements: “Club closed” and “Club start to run”, trying to do some connections between them. While after I finished the graph. The point of the graph is the “Balancing Loop” in the middle. During that night, I was keep thinking about how I gonna come up with an idea, but more I think, more stress I obtained.

On the next step, I’ve used Mental Model to reflect my mental behavior how I interpret the observable experiences. Base on the ladder of Mental Model, climb from the current experience to the action I should take.

Before I started to write the post, I’ve already came out with a solution and taken the action. So I have a complete ladder, which shows a example of using this:

The ladder of Mental Model

By using the mental model, start from the base of the ladder, I have analyzed my interpretation to the “data”, and the assumptions I’ve made. In the Conclusion: My club mates do not have passion on the club, or they have no time to work on another task, the club. We’re stucked with no topic to go.

Now I looked into the conclusion I’ve made, noticed I created many wrong assumptions. People never know what they’re thinking if they do no reflect on their mental. I think the Mental Model is quite helpful for people having trouble and facing the problems.

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