Personally involved in epidemic prevention? !(The English version)

Ability: Cooperation (doing favors for the staff at dad’s college and giving them constructive Suggestions)
Writing communication (writing this essay and the following essay)
Self-regulation (set yourself the goal of helping and writing an analysis paper)
Innovative thinking (the paper has pointed out the customer’s thinking from a novel perspective)

Brief introduction:
At the beginning, my father recommended this project to me. He hoped that I could go to his research institute to help him, but I didn’t have much interest in this project, so I turned him down. But then he took me to the institute and asked me to mix some interesting chemicals and stuff myself, and I got interested and joined in. The main reason why my dad developed this hand sanitizer is that there is no disinfectant that is very effective in killing disease viruses and protecting against them at the same time. If the research and development is successful, and it is sold in the market, it will certainly greatly reduce the risk of the epidemic, which can be regarded as a contribution to the epidemic! In this project, I have applied my abilities of cooperation, writing and communication, self-regulation and innovative thinking. At the beginning, As I was actually an outsider, I didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, under the leadership and command of my father, I began to help the staff of the research institute to do some chores, and they also instructed me to do some small chemical experiments in their spare time, so I began to gradually integrate into the project. Dad would often come to me, or mom’s advice, because we are both art students, naturally have good taste. When they chose the bottle, I also recommended that they could choose the blue capsule bottle, and they finally followed my advice and chose that bottle as the packaging for their market sale. During this process, I also set a small goal for myself to write an article analyzing their marketing plan and methods, as well as customer psychology. This article can be regarded as my own impulse, in which I revealed the psychological activities of customers from a unique perspective. Although there may be some problems in the text, they are not serious in general, and I also have a strong sense of accomplishment. In the whole process, my father and those in the research institute helped me a lot. They taught me some interesting knowledge and the way to use professional tools. My father also encouraged me when I could not keep going for a few times, so that I could continue to have the motivation to carry on until the end.

(※ Warm tip: Some of the following remarks are for entertainment only. Please do not check your seat number in case of similarity or offence.)

When you read this title, you must feel very strange. Although I am a good citizen of China, I have the obligation to help and fight against coVID-19, but I am still a junior high school student, even if I really want to participate, it is a little reluctant. Moreover, unlike other defense campaigns, this one is serious and can’t be joked about as coVID-19 has spread around the world. At present, we have not found an effective way to prevent or cure it. If someone throws some high school students on the front line, they will surely say that they are crazy.

Well, to sum up, at this time, there are hardly any high school students doing epidemic prevention and control. At most, they just do some online knowledge promotion or distribute materials. So why can I confidently say that I am personally involved in epidemic prevention and control?


I was involved in a project my dad was doing on hand sanitizers.

Don’t worry, guys. Now, when you first look at this, you might think it’s a little bit of a surprise, but even so, how can it be considered part of the epidemic? But at the same time, are you wondering: What gives me the confidence to say that it has made a difference? What makes it a very important part of the epidemic? So let me explain.

(※ The following contents are arranged in chronological order)


At the beginning of January:

Some news that people have been coming to hear news, there is a will be coronavirus in wuhan, it may form a leading national large-scale outbreak, know the news people have some at a loss, and a slight panic: somehow, to express the thought of before the SARS, this also should not turn into a situation like before?

Soon, their suspicions were confirmed, and the state issued a notice and announcement on epidemic prevention soon after. Meanwhile, the epidemic situation in Wuhan became more and more serious, so that wuhan was officially closed on January 23.

January 22:

That day, I went to visit my father’s research institute on Entrepreneurship Street, but I only saw the building where the institute was located, instead of going inside to visit.

Mid to late January:

I had just flown back from Beijing and had not rested long in Chongqing when I heard the shocking news. In the next few days, our family started all kinds of gloves, masks, disinfectant and other things that could prevent and control the epidemic, and we soon followed the instructions and stayed at home.

At home, I read all kinds of information on the Internet and listened to my parents’ explanations. I gradually understood the scale and infectiousness of coVID-19, and felt deeply the horror of the epidemic.

In early February:

Dad told me that their institute is developing a hand sanitizer, and he wanted to ask me if I had any Suggestions for one. (※ Hand sanitizer, as we all know, is a liquid that is applied to your hands to disinfect them so that you don’t have to go to all the trouble of washing your hands. It is also a kind of disinfectant. He said it was a bit of a surprise, and I’d never really had a good look at what he was up to lately. Since I do not know their actual situation, So I do not give specific advice, just a few more common methods.


One day, dad was at home talking to us about what they were doing and what they were doing. It is understood that when my father learned about the severity of the current coVID-19 epidemic, he immediately focused on a variety of domestic disinfectants, as well as epidemic prevention supplies. He found that none of the current domestic disinfectants was able to kill the virus well and quickly. So he thought: if we can develop such a disinfectant, will it help the domestic epidemic? He has been working on the idea since Jan. 20, he said, and has been working on it since then. He began recruiting people to experiment in early February and has now produced the first version.

Their hand sanitizer does one more thing than a regular hand sanitizer. That is, after being applied to the hand, it can be attached to the surface of the hand for a long time, for a continuous disinfection effect, and also like a liquid glove, when you get home, you just need to gently rinse with water, and then it can be washed off.

My dad said, “Do you need to make this your project?” You can do market research, or design advertising words, logo and so on, which can also be regarded as your contribution to coVID-19 prevention and control. However, when I thought about the relationship between this matter and me was not very profound, and I also felt that this thing did not make much sense, and I felt that the epidemic protection material was not so relevant to me, so I still refused him.

Late February:

Although I had rejected dad’s proposal before, dad would still bring some of the bottles they chose for production packaging and the logo of their research institute for us to help them check. Since my mother and I have a high artistic quality, we chose some attractive bottles and logos to recommend to them. In the same period, the institute began to buy assembly line production equipment, and at the same time to select packaging bottles, bags and a variety of experimental products, as well as product design, trademark, logo and so on. To be honest, at this time, My cognition of dad was still just a choice. I thought this matter had nothing to do with me, and I didn’t want to take the initiative to contact with it. I was not particularly interested in this matter.

The beginning of march:

Dad got a bottle back from their research institute, and he was happy to tell us that they finally made the first version of their hand sanitizer and wanted mom and I to try it out and give him some feedback. When I applied it to my hands, I noticed that the sanitizer was a little sticky and lasted a long time before drying out. I don’t know if it’s going to come off when I sweat on my hands, but in terms of effectiveness, it’s got all the benefits dad’s been talking about.

March 12:

I first walked into their institute to visit dad, at the time they institute carpet on the floor hasn’t finish all outfit, a lot of equipment is also still has not sent to, also can’t strongly feel the style of the institute, I was listening to dad while you visit place material workshop, according to their free hand sanitizer is emulsion mixed methods, as long as the mix oil and water according to certain proportion, after forming emulsion.

March 19:

The second time I visited dad’s research institute, I said it was the same, but this time dad let me into their lab and tried to make lotion with the water and oil they provided. Although I failed in the end, I became slightly interested in their project instead of ignoring it as I had done before.


Dad brought in a second version from their research lab. This version is an improvement over the previous one, although the sticky hands aren’t much better, but they’re drying a little faster. I also gave dad some advice on carpet selection for their graduate school.

Late March:

The third version, hand sanitizer, is a big improvement on the sticky stuff, although it’s still a little sticky, but it dries so fast and is so useful that it’s negligible.

Early April:

The fourth version of hand sanitizer developed by the Research institute is quite close to the final version, and it also dries quickly on the hands. The only drawback is that the hands will feel a little dry after applying it, and it will be slippery when handling things, with less friction on the hands.

April 11:

We walked to Chuangchuang Street, where the institute is located, looked in front of the institute, but left without entering.

April 19:

Dad brought the bottle for sale determined by their internal, we can see that their choice also referred to me and my mother’s choice, the bottle is blue, looks like a large capsule, the name is very consistent with his appearance, called the capsule bottle.

Mid-april to late April:

During this time, dad have brought their fifth edition and the final version, which is the sixth version of the free hand sanitizer, I felt when using the fifth and sixth edition compared with the fourth edition, the hands would not be so slippery, friction is more close to normal level, painted on the hand also feel better moisturizing and protective effect. As Far as I can tell, late April is the final review period, so in fact the sixth edition will be their final edition.

(※ A little science on actual review:

System audit is the audit of the terms of the management system. Quality management System: The organization shall audit the quality management system to verify compliance with this technical specification and any additional quality management system requirements.

Process review is the review of the entire process flow for the production of products. Manufacturing process audit: The organization shall audit each manufacturing process to determine its effectiveness.

Product audit is the whole process audit for several key projects. Product audit: The organization shall audit its products and their delivery at the appropriate stages of production at an appropriate frequency to verify compliance with all specified requirements (such as product dimensions, functions, packaging, labels, etc.)

Although it normally takes a year for these things to pass, because of the special nature of the epidemic, they can pass within a few months.

By the way, they were sent for inspection (water quality test, disinfectant test, equipment/workshop test, personnel/knowledge training) since the middle of February.)

May 21:

Since Chuang Chuang Jie is actually quite close to my home, I walked two kilometers alone for 20 minutes to get to my father’s research institute. As I had been dealing with my studies and classes before, I did not go to their graduate school for a long time. This time, I took the initiative to come from my home because Of my interest. I’m going to visit their lab this time, or maybe help with some of the work. I took a look at how far they’ve come, and at this point the people at the institute are working very hard to develop a better emulsion that can be used in another ongoing trial of repair fluids.

I was there, and I was under the direction of the researchers and my dad, helping them with small tasks like shaking liquids or moving materials. Although I was a little reluctant at the beginning, I changed my mind and thought it was quite interesting, so I willingly helped them and cooperated with them to accomplish these things.

Late May to early June:

During that time, I went to my dad’s research institute twice to observe their work site, and sometimes tried to mix some emulsions or adjust the saturation of solutions under the guidance of researchers. At the same time, as dad began to investigate and prepare to put the product on the market, mom and I also offered a lot of advice on the deadline. At the same time, with the encouragement and help of my father, I also wrote a paper specifically analyzing their marketing plan and customer psychology for their reference. (※ I wrote it on a whim.You can also check out the paper: the end of this article).

June 13:

Since I had time that day, I wanted to help dad and try to mix things up on my own, so I followed him to the institute. Thinking That Without a researcher to help me, I would have been careless with my chemicals, my dad taught me a simple task: he asked me to mix up some nice colors for their hand sanitizer and mix some chemicals to create a nice smell. So I put on my white coat, my gloves, and took all kinds of industrial colors, spices, chemicals and so on, and started mixing them.

During the blending process, it is worth noting that the solution will become cloudy when some spices and pigments are mixed together. At this time, some chemicals are needed to separate out the impurities in the solution in different ways. Alum is used to assist the precipitation of impurities in water, alum or relatively good, it can precipitate out a lot of impurities. But some of them need alcohol because they’re so saturated that they can’t precipitation out. Hand sanitizers are made with water and alcohol, so it’s not good for consumers to get a hand sanitizer and find a precipitate in it. Since some substances can be dissolved in water but not in alcohol, and some can be dissolved in alcohol but not in water, the use of alcohol at this time can be successfully separated out those substances insoluble in alcohol, so that consumers will not doubt its quality when holding. 《我活跃的图片》,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开

Summary and reflection on this project:

To be honest, at first I felt as if I were an outsider, and I had no obligation or inclination to take care of it. I wasn’t really interested in this project at the time, but then I got a little bit interested in making lotion, or doing experiments, and it started to make sense for me to do something every now and then, and I became really interested in it. But the heat always wears off, and there were times when I wanted to give up and let dad and his team do it. After all, I’m just a helper, not much. But with dad’s encouragement, I kept at it, dropping in every now and then to help, to work, to give them advice on marketing and bottle logos and colors. Although I have done very little, I have made an impact on them, and I feel a sense of achievement when I look at their achievements so far. This overall is to the father to control the site power of people, and Then I as a come to help, can also be said to be working people come in cooperation to complete the project, although I in this is only playing a small role, but it does have a role in~( ̄▽ ̄~)~


My analysis of marketing plan and customer psychology:


For the record, all marketing plans I have made are solely my opinion and do not represent the whole truth.
I shall not be responsible for any reference.

ONE.Relevant concepts and basic theories

Product details:
Product name: Wash – free disinfectant
Product specification: 60ml/ bottle
Active ingredients and content: This product is based on ethanol (alcohol) as the main bactericidal ingredient, and the content is 75%±5% (the ethanol content meets the novel Coronavirus standard).
Scope of use: Suitable for quick hand disinfection of hygienic hands, surgical hands and other personnel in need
Product introduction: Apply the product evenly on the hands. After drying, a protective film can be formed on the hands to protect the hands and kill viruses at the same time.
Product features: after use, a protective film can be formed on the hands to sterilize and isolate viruses for a long time. It can be called liquid gloves.
(※ Generally, the product must contain more than 70% ethanol to kill the virus.)

Product-related concepts:
Features of hand sanitizer:

  1. Wash hands without water: easy to use and carry;
    Do not wash, you can clean your hands anytime and anywhere;
  2. Lasting effect: the effect lasts for 4-5 hours, up to 6 hours;
  3. Gentle skin care: it can control the oxidative stress level of hands, prevent skin damage and protect hands, nourish and care hand skin.
  4. Kill virus: it can kill virus effectively.
    The sanitizer can be used in hospitals, Banks, supermarkets, government offices, enterprises and public institutions, theaters, military units, entertainment places, schools, kindergartens, families, hotels, restaurants, airports, docks, railway stations and tourism environments without water and soap.

TWO.the status quo

Since dad was part of a research team, he didn’t know how the marketing team was promoting the product.
In addition, this product has just started mass production after being approved by the government, so there is no specific means of promotion.


The four problems they face are as follows :(※ in fact, the promotion on the Internet also has similar problems)
First, due to the relatively small number of people outside during the epidemic, it was difficult to carry out publicity in the street or in shops.
Secondly, the new product has just come into the market, and it needs a process of being gradually understood and promoted by the public.
Therefore, the new product reputation is not high, it is difficult to carry out external promotion.
Thirdly, in times of emergency, customers will not take risks to buy new products, they will only buy products that have been used before and have a certain reputation.
Fourth, customers do not understand the effects and advantages of the product, and cannot promote the product advantages.

FOUR.the countermeasures

The following are the countermeasures I proposed for him after learning the situation

  1. Authoritative promotion.
    Find a reputable local official or official who has come to see the product and its production environment, and target them for sales and promotion.
  2. Legal sales promotion.
    With the production license, product test report, record certificate and other government approval documents as the background of negotiation and publicity, promote others.
  3. Networking.
    Use your network or those around you to market the product to others.
  4. Physical promotion.
    Take out the actual product for passers-by to use, face to face inspection of product quality, personally experience its effect, and to promote.
  5. Promotion of advantages.
    The characteristics and advantages of the product will be emphasized external publicity, highlighting its benefits, thereby promoting.
  6. Price promotion.
    By reducing the price of their own products, highlight the advantages of the product itself and cost performance, in order to promote the purchase.
  7. Video/contrast promotion.
    Make videos that highlight the advantages of the product, or make videos comparing the product with other manufacturers’ products, so as to highlight the advantages of the product and promote it.
  8. Endorsement and promotion.
    Find a famous spokesman for the product, with him as the image ambassador with the fame of external communication, to achieve the effect of promotion.
  9. Television promotion.
    Look for well-known TV stations and negotiate with them to broadcast advertisements of this product or insert relevant information so as to achieve the promotion effect.
  10. Group promotion.
    Find and sign a contract with a large group of customers, provide them with this product for a long time, publicize the product through their mouth, and thus achieve the promotion effect.
  11. Media promotion.
    Carry out advertising through various media and apps to promote the public.
    Although I have come up with many other marketing solutions, some of them are not cost-effective and some are not easy to implement, so I won’t list them here.
    The reason why I put forward the above plan will also be explained in the following customer psychology.

FIVE.the conclusion

After listening to my mom and me and consulting with the marketing team at the academy, dad took the following four steps:
The first step is to negotiate with the surrounding pharmacies and sign a contract to put the products produced by the institute into the stores for sale.
Second, when district and county officials come to inspect and visit the institute, sell them the institute’s products and ask for promotion.
The third step is to make a long-term cooperation agreement with my mother’s school, so that the school becomes the first large group client of the institute.
At the same time, my mother also carried out promotion and publicity within the school.
The fourth step is to make a video comparing this product with other manufacturers’ products, in which the advantages and characteristics of this product are emphasized and reflected.
Videos can be posted on major media websites to achieve the effect of promotion and publicity.
Above is institute of marketing team to make promotion plan and marketing plan, this is institute of propaganda department of the marketing plan, although said that still can continue to refine and optimization, but it has to be very reliable solutions, already can satisfy the demand of the institute, so I wouldn’t advise.

Baidubaike — Hands-free disinfectant
Baidu Knows — 18 Most effective promotion Methods (for reference only)

Thank you
My parents, and my uncle(He is a businessman himself.)


PS: The following is my simple analysis of customer psychology.

Customer psychology:
Here, I will stand here from the perspective of a customer to in-depth analysis of their psychology, but also to answer the feasibility of the above marketing plan.
What criteria do you use when you buy something?
According to the common sense of the general people, generally will choose a high cost performance, good quality goods, intimate design, can perfectly meet their needs of the goods;
Or it could be a practical item worth buying despite its high price.
Or the appearance of a certain collection value, the contents of the general level, the price is also very fit goods.
I have given three examples of common thinking when buying things, which all carry out a key point, that is, to buy this thing, for yourself, is it worth it?
Does it have a price or a value that corresponds to itself?
Some people may wonder if this item can be successfully sold as long as the above conditions are met.
That’s not quite true.
Now the information on the Internet is so disorganized that we have to look at a lot of things if we want to sift through the information that is useful to us.
In this process, many people, in order to purchase more efficiently, will seek for famous websites and product brands to purchase. If a product fails to be promoted and publicized in time, it is likely to be drowned in the network.

The pros and cons of online shopping are clear: the pros are that you can place an order remotely without having to go to a physical store to see the purchase.
The downside is that you can’t be sure of the quality of the product and whether it’s right for you.
At this time, the most useful is to see the buyers show.

Why do buyer shows play a big role in your online shopping?
Actually just because of a point, it has the most real situation and reputation.
Because there is so much information on the Internet, it is very messy, and the information may be forged, so people can’t directly know the quality of the product before they buy it. At this time, they need the reputation of others to judge. The customer may say, “We can’t trust the manufacturer, but we can trust the buyer.
This is very true.
This goes through all of our shopping, and there’s no better way to save money and get the best value for money.

Next, I’ll explain why the above approach is useful:

  1. The reason why authoritative promotion is required is that when people buy something, they usually check whether it has good reputation or whether the price is reasonable.
    And the authoritative promotion, because of the recommendation of the official or famous people, can meet the reputation of this point, so as to achieve the effect.
  2. Legal marketing propaganda is to convince others that one’s products meet the requirements and standards with the official approval as the background.
  3. In the case of network promotion, it is to use people around them to promote their good friends. Since they have a certain reputation among their friends, the products they promote must be approved by them, which can also indicate that the product has a certain quality, so as to achieve the effect.
  4. Product promotion is for customers to experience themselves.
    After all, it is often said that what one hears is false, and what one sees is true, which can also enhance one’s persuasion and motivate others to buy.
  5. Advantage promotion means to publicize the characteristics and advantages of the product, so that others can compare the difference between the product and other products, and finally choose this product for purchase after a comparison.
    6 price promotion, if in the same conditions, you and his product quality are similar, but the price is very different, the other people will choose the most cost-effective, so as to achieve maximum benefits.
  6. Video and comparative promotion is basically to compare the product with other manufacturers’ products, and express it in a vivid and obvious way, so that people can realize the difference between the product and other products, as well as its advantages and characteristics more quickly.
  7. Endorsement and promotion are similar means to the first authoritative promotion. Both of them take advantage of people’s own fame to promote the product and let outsiders think that the product has been recognized by them.
  8. TV promotion is a very common method. By broadcasting advertisements related to its products on TV, TV viewers can know about the product and thus achieve the promotion effect.
  9. Group promotion is to find a large customer, make a long-term contract with them, and circulate and publicize them among their employees’ family and friends.
  10. The media is common, the specific situation is can undertake advertising through various media APP, like other advertising products, at the same time, because people for APP using frequency is very high, they will see a few times in a day these ads, osmosis can remember this product, eventually to achieve the effect of propaganda.

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