Big video release! My liver really hurts self-assessment:(The English version)

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about my inspiration with the powerful post “million” production

For this project, Merwen gave us a very special theme: recovery, which she hoped we could extend to a variety of works. Even though we’re still in the midst of the epidemic, a lot of the bans have been lifted, and we can go out on the streets wearing masks and looking for inspiration. Because I wanted to do something that was different from what I had done before, I started thinking about all kinds of ideas that could be associated with recovery.

(※ The video link is at the end of this article)

Since my experimental work USES the pictures I took in different time periods since I came back to Chongqing to reflect the passage of time and the gradual recovery of the city, the teacher thinks That I can continue to follow this idea. So I thought, I could keep a video diary for seven days! By observing the weather on your balcony every day, the growth of plants on your balcony, and the flow of people and cars outside, can you not reflect the recovery of the city? After the first discussion with Mervyn, I decided to make two works. The first work is on the balcony of my home. After 7 days’ observation, I recorded it into a video and made a comparison video. The second is to do a stop-motion animation, through pictures one by one, the whole picture becomes coherent, reflecting the theme of static rotation.

To be honest, the first of my two works was easy, and I started recording the first day immediately after I spoke to Mervyn. By the time of the second discussion, I had already recorded the rough material of the whole video, leaving only the editing work.Compared to video diary is harder to stop motion animation, like ordinary stop-motion required standards, you need to take a lot of pictures in a certain time, every time pictures of people or things need to move a little bit a little, after connected through multiple pictures, video, so that the static things move on the screen, animation is also this is the same principle.

To do stop-motion animation, you first have to have a very good background, a well-designed script, and various models and props ready. You have to keep the Angle the same all the way through the shoot so that when you compose it, it doesn’t feel like it’s going against the grain. At first, I planned to take a picture based on the basic measurement of 15 frames per second, but after I started taking pictures, I found that I didn’t care how many pictures I took at all. It was all done on my own.

The first scene I took was of a hotel in Beibei, and the subject was a construction site where workers are walking back and forth and doing all sorts of things. Since I used my father’s iPhone, there was a function on the iPhone which could quickly slide the pictures I took, so I could see whether the pictures I took could be connected into animation. After confirmation, I moved to my cousin’s home to shoot the second scene.

At first, I didn’t want to shoot in his house, but I changed my mind when I heard that there were many models of cars in his house. My idea was that we could use those models to shoot a picture of driving on the road, and we could also design some plots artificially to make the whole animation look more interesting. Two stop-motion scenes a day were too much for my body to handle, so I couldn’t finish the second scene, which made me very sorry.

The third scene was because I thought of the game story, so I wanted to shoot something very similar with the objects at home, which could be considered as shooting for a long time. I was also personally on the camera and gave various instructions. Post-production million, thank you for your support! (※ I skin it a little bit here)

Work 1: “Observation Diary” of seven days in history
Type: Video & Clip

Inspiration source: I miss and love the scenery of my balcony
Introduction: This video captures the view from my balcony. You can see it in this video: Diverse weather; The whole process of a flower from blooming to decay; At different times, the number of people on the road and the number of cars… Reveal the fun of my balcony in the round!

Work 2: Various “revivals” (3P)
Type: Stop-motion animation shorts

Source of inspiration: I like stop-motion animation very much, and I was stimulated after I saw the work of other stop-motion giants. I think I can challenge my previous way of making works in such a way as to challenge myself. (※ Although it is also because I have the materials at hand)
Construction site (94 frames /10 seconds)
In this interesting construction site, I have a lot of stuff in it. Can you find it when you watch the video?

Road racing (106 frames /10 seconds)
On a five-lane highway, there are lots of cars moving forward and overtaking them from time to time. But the increasing sound of engines and horns disturbed the tranquility of the road. A modified car and a racing car flashed past the overtaking lane, followed by two black and white police cars…( ※ Unfilmed footage: A green car on the road was so frightened that it pulled out of the fence and was later taken back by a team of construction workers. Behind construction group has been a few days in the maintenance of various trace on the road, on the third day after racing events, public road finally opened, there held a grand parade floats, all sorts of modelling, spray paint, different types of vehicles are marching on the highway and the exhibition, there are a lot of people in the next photo)

(PS: I’m always litter on the floor at the time of shooting, the body is really can’t stand it. Please forgive I didn’t take back those interesting pieces (๑>ڡ<)☆)

Domestic disturbance (325 frames /36 seconds)
When you’re on the phone, have you ever felt something move next to you, and you get a shock like that? This video will reveal the magic of objects in your home!

PS: The first 2P of this stop-motion animation short film was completed by my cousin and I, while the second 1P had my own appearance and the assistance of my family.

Video link:(优酷)


(※ Recommended viewing order: first watch the silent version, then watch the audio version.Since the audio version will have a still picture at the end of the video and not have the full content of the video, it is better to watch the silent version first and then the processed audio version.)







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