“Their world”Self assessment(The English version)

300 words self-assessment:
Because of the current worldwide epidemic, people are being held in their homes. When people are idle and bored at home, looking at the appearance of the home, they can not help but feel the scene, inspiration burst out, came up with a lot of home-related works of art. This time the theme of the art project is also in the home, to play art and inspiration, to make works.
It’s actually very difficult and very simple in a sense to make art at home. Because the things in your home are the things you are used to seeing in your daily life, it may be difficult for you to recognize them again and give them new meaning.

At the beginning I have thought I can before I didn’t use a inspiration out and reused, though I wrote a inspiration, also drew a sketch, is going to buy all kinds of material to make, but to find the ink after interview I find it is no good, so I immediately give up this topic, and then started to consider new ideas. My second inspiration was to take advantage of the process of flowers in my home from blooming to corruption to take a series of pictures. However, after actually searching on the Internet, I found that many people also used this theme. I was caught in a dilemma, because neither of the two themes I came up with could work.Finally, I thought of my thoughts in a daze, and finally decided on the theme.

As a girl, when I was a child, I especially liked to play with house models such as doll houses. I put my dolls in them, arranged conversations for them, changed various clothes, and simulated interesting scenes. Even now that I have grown up, I still especially like small house models. When I look at small things, I think: if there are small people here, what kind of behavior will they do on this thing? I saw an animated film by hayao miyazaki called little people who borrow things, in which a family of little people make their own home out of things abandoned by humans. In addition, I also saw on the Internet that some people used small objects in our daily life, and made very interesting scenes with small people, which made people have a sense of instant vision. Once my delusion had its beginning, inspiration would run endlessly around it: what did they know about small things that seemed insignificant to us? How do they see the world? Can we get to know them in detail? It was under the superposition of multiple factors that I came up with the idea of making a large scene by using small objects in my home and the miniature models I bought, so as to reflect their daily life and the world in their eyes.

Theme: a corner of the miniature world scene
Exhibit title: their world
Materials: sandbox man, TV remote control board, flowers, all kinds of small objects in the home, all kinds of beans and rice, small car model, small ladder model, tea set set, tea machine (background), etc

There is a large art gallery just down the street, and in recent days there has been a bizarre case of the museum’s exhibits being smashed and dumped in front of the gallery. The police quickly moved in, there was a yellow cordon around, the analytical department staff in the inside of all kinds of photos, sampling, testing, the police in the side of the street in front of thinking about the case. In one section of the gallery, a film crew was making a film, and the director was sitting in a chair and Shouting something to two actors. Workers are doing all kinds of work around the gallery. They are putting the exhibits where they should be. There are also a lot of people in the gallery looking at all kinds of interesting exhibits, and from time to time someone stops to take a few pictures. On the main street outside the museum, where many people were carrying bags and waiting for the bus, two people were jogging on the sidewalk across the street.

This work is composed of small objects and small people in my home. I really want to show a very wonderful and interesting world to everyone who stays at home. The stage is set on the coffee table that every home has, and you can see a lot of interesting little details here: the people who are filming, the people who are building, the people who are running, and so on. My work just provides a space for people to imagine, and I hope that after they see my work, they can think more about: what will happen in this scene in the next moment? I do hope that when people see my work, they will be able to imagine more clever and interesting stories.

A link to the:

https://shimo.im/docs/rGJqhrxcvqChpkWQ/ 《他们的世界PPT》,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开

https://shimo.im/docs/pvKcvTgXKVp9PWYp/ 《他们的世界•图片集》,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开

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