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Math Video

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This project is a math project. It shows in video. I made this video by myself, and I use this video to introduce a math problem– Right Triangle Trigonometry. In this video you can see that all are in details. I explain them details by details. The competency in this project is Learning how to learn and Oral Presentation.

The reason that I want to do this project is that when I was making this video this video can also help me to review my math knowledge. I am not really good at math, so this is very helpful to me. The steps of making this video is very clearly. The first steps for making this video is finds the knowledge part that I interested. After determineI the topic, I let myself to review the knowledge part. It is important for me to clearer understanding the knowledge part. I search on the main idea of the knowledge part, and they helped me to review the knowledge. Before I record the video, I put the knowledge points together and wrote them down into a note. After I finished writing them down, I began to record my video. The way of presenting my video is recording myself. I sat my phone top right my dest, and I introduce my knowledge. I wrote the knowledge when I introduce them. It is clearly, and it is easy to understand it.

When I recording this video I learn somethings in it. I know clearly about the problem. When I was recording this video, I also need to find some exercise for it. I need to answer it by my self. This is another chance to exercise myself. I didn’t ask question to Ryan. In this project, all of these stuff was make by my self. I didn’t need to ask Ryan about the math problem. I solved them by myself.


In this project I learn how to study by my self, and I also review some math problem. When I was making this video, I also learn how to take note quickly, and present the knowledge that I want to show. In this project, I improved two competencies. They are Learning How to Learn, and Oral Presentation.

In the competency Learning how to learn part, the skills that I improved most is 9C Acquiring ideas. This skills is focus on researching and taking notes. When I was searching the sources that can help me to review, I can understand what is it saying. I was reading very quickly, but I get all the important part through the reading. When I am reading the resources, I also take notes to help me understand. I’ll take down the parts I’m not familiar with and understand them in combination with my notes.

Between the whole project, I didn’t ask question to Ryan. This is also another part that I improved. There didn’t have any help from external. I realize the knowledge that I still need to review is by myself. I know really clear about myself, about the knowledge that I master and the knowledge I still need to review.

The next competency, Oral Presentation. In this competency, the skills that I improved most is 12A Clarity. The first steps when I was making this video is choosing a topic. A clearly topic would be clearer when I introduce my video. My topic is Right Triangle Trigonometry. When I was introduce my video, I set them to several part. It can have a logical, and clearly.

The things that I think I can still improved is the presenting part. I can use more presentation techniques. In this video, I didn’t use a lot of presentation skills, I was only expressed it clearly, let the audience understand… Next time, I can use more interesting tips to control the whole presentation.

Artifact and Evidence

Video Artifact:


finding the knowledge(review&learning by my self)

Reference: Baidubaike

Note taking part(knowledge)

The knowledge that can use in the daily life

some problem that can be use in daily life(also in the video(artifact))

collecting other people’s feedback

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