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“Lord of the Flies”

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This assignment is in my English class-“British Literature”. This is a book report analyze of the book “Lord of the flies”. We spent one month to read this book, and then each one of us wrote a report about this book. The competency in this writing are Critical thinking and Information literacy.

Petula is our teacher. The format that we use in this report is MLA format. MLA format is an academic format, and it is hard for me. When I was writing this article I did a lot of research. The research is important to support my writing. I also take care a lot about the grammar part. Grammar is important when I was writing this article, and also it is my worst part of English.

In my article, I did a lot of analyze work. I analyzed the four main character, and wrote my thought to each of them. Each character is representing the different kind of humanity. I also quote some important sentence from the book and the movie. They are the strongest evidence that I can found.

When I was writing this article, I had a lot of question. For example I didn’t understand very clearly about the MLA format. But when I was getting confused about that, I will always ask to Petula. Petula is the teacher of this course. She is kind, and she always answer my question, and help me to solving my problems, and my grammar mistakes.

The artifact that I submit here are the two version of my artifact. The first one is my first draft, and the second one is the revise version, the final one. I wrote this article in the first year of this course, which is last year. It is not perfect enough, so I will keep working it on my English study.


The things that I learn from this project are English writing and research. When I was writing this article I need to think of the English thinking, so I need to work a lot in this part. The competency that I improved are these two– Critical thinking and Information Literacy.

When I was writing this article, I found a topic that I was interested, and then I find the resources.

The other part that I improve from this project is analyzed. In the analyze part I can do better than before. I separated my article to seven part. It is quit clearly when I analyze them to the different part. I put my own thought in the analyze part too.

Finding evidence also is very important. I compare each kind of resources on the different kind of websites. When I finish inferred my evidence, I give my own conclusion. My summation ability has also been improved. I conclude all of them, and give a conclusion.

At last, I want to talk about the things that I still need to improved. In the format part I still need to be improve. When I wrote this article I didn’t know very clearly about the MLA format, so in this article the format will not be very complete. I still need to work on the format part. It is very important for the whole article. Grammar is also my weakness part. I am not good at that. Petula helps me revise a version. I thanks to her a lot. About grammar I have to keep working on.

Artifact and Evidence


first thought and some idea about the report

first draft

Final draft


movie Lord of the Flies

book Lord of the Flies

Different resources and compare

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