The element of “hand”& “light”

I love the line of our organ.

This is the element of hand.

In the midnight I created this photography. It is my hand, and the light, the shadow.

I think maybe I want to describe my feeling about despair. Because at that time I am really unhappy.

The rest of the hand I think the feeling is that what I want. The last photo’s color is very beautiful, I think at that time maybe I am happy?

Shot with NOMO 135 Ti.



  This project is a art project. It is about “Self”. I do some try and then I learn more about my self.

  The first try is in my sketch book. I make a 3D model in my sketch book. The main things in that art work is the pencil. Sometimes I had a feeling and the feeling has very important connection to my art works, but I can’t describe that feeling. 

  I try to find my own element. First I find “line”. I think the reason why I choose line is that line is easy to draw. It did’t need to know how to drawing. I did’t good at drawing, so I did’t like draw picture too much. But line change me. When I was using the element “line” I will not consider about the structure. I will be more abstract. I am keep finding the element that connect to line. I found “Hair”. It just a feeling about me. But why I choose theses element? I think I don’t know. Because I am just virtue of

my feeling.  I take some photo about hair. When I take these photo, I think 90% is create by my feeling. 

  The second element I found is “hand”. I want to use hand to freed myself, and visual it. I always use black and white to take the picture of “hand”. 

  In this project the good things I do is:

  1. I find my own element: Hair Hand Shadow
  2. I use a lot of things, and ways to express them
  3. I take a lot of actions
  4. I find my own styles 

 In this project the things that I can do better

  1. I need to find some connection about the single element

2.   I need to get more try and more thought

3.   I can keep finding the element (As more as I can)

The element of “hair”

I want to take the picture of our feet. A wind come to me, and my hair come into the photo. It is nature, it is a moment that I liked. The feeling I loved too.

The second picture was taken in Italy. It has the same feeling with the first one.

Shot with NOMO 135 Ti.

The element of people’s profile

I found my way to express my feeling. The element belong to me is “Profile”.

The first three photos is created in Italy. Although it was created before, but the feeling is now I want. I used them in my lock cream Wallpaper, it can better shows them’s profile.

I take actions. I take some photo about people’s organ. I mixed my emotion when I take the photograph.

“You saw I was smile but I was broken.”

Fast and thoughts

I used an apps to draw these art works. It is my subconscious’s thoughts. When I was made these works I did’t think at that much, and I did’t reference any things. It is just about my feeling.

I observed these art works I made. They are all have the element “line”, and they are all have the inanition’s feeling. The whole space is giving my self a feeling about “empty”.

A braces‘s connect

All of these works is about an element it is called braces. I had my teeth capped in last years. I was really like them. I think it was fun, and it was pretty. I used the element of braces and make these art works. Each of these art works had the element of braces. I used line and dots to show them, and telling the story about me and my braces~

Collage and messy

This is my first collage. I use the picture I was cut in poster. At that time in my brain it has a lot of thought in it, it is very messy, so I use line to filling the rest blank in the paper.

Pencil and Moment

This is my first time try things in my sketch book. The main things in this work is the pencil. I put the candy paper in this work too. Because when I was making this work, I am eating candy.
I think a lot of my work are stream of consciousness.