Artist Statement

The major that I choose to study is called fine art photography. I would like to study this subject in the United Kingdom. Photography in art as a medium, as painting and installation can express artistic ideas. 

Photography has many choices because it is not born with art, but is later established by people. Photography begins with documenting facts and what happened, such as news photography and documentaries. Let me start by saying why I chose photography, in this general direction. Photography, the first time I heard the word was from an aunt. This aunt is a friend of my mother’s, and she also is the most significant person that helps me find my passion for photography. We were in a park and it was my first time trying photography. She taught me some basic knowledge of composition, and I took a series of photographs. Whether the scenery is not good-looking, but this is not the point and it didn’t affect us at all, but let us more polish on our eyes to find beautiful things and record, with photography. At that time, I realize that photography is instantaneous, and it is something to record the beautiful moments of life. That day I took the first set of very satisfying photos of my life, which was a simple look at the angle of the shot, and some surprises unintentionally.

Photography is my expression, it becomes a way of expressing myself, my language, like my private diary. I began to use photography to record my life. It is not only about everyday trivia, it is more like decisive moments, with special moments. I remember that time, I was crazy about photography, did not even care about the equipment, trying to create something special that belongs to me.

A second person who influenced me appeared. She is an art teacher in my high school, Moonshot Academy. She is called Mowen. It was her who got me to know Art and started to get into it. Her art class is different, and there is no traditional idea, but open-mindness and courage to experiment. I took my photographs, and although they weren’t very professional, they were recognized by her and she supported me to keep experimenting. I started trying to create artistically, like a secondary painting on a photo, which is a second process, that surprised me. I gradually began to understand art and the pursuit of art. I found myself deeply attracted.

I did my first big project called “Red”. In this project, for the first time, I combine photography with two other media: installation and performance art. This project is derived from my vivid and passionate emotions at the time and began to be curious about the world. In the process of exploring myself and the world, I also found a lot of things that bind me, that is, bondage. In the installation section, I made a wooden frame and wrapped it in a lot of red lines, and sealed it. Finally, I went in and danced with them. The bondage binds me, but I’m breaking free, and I’m fighting them. Photographs documented the struggle and dance, and photographs were also the ultimate output. I love cross-media creation, which is a new way of expressing, with multiple elements and avant-garde.

Finally, I would like to say that photography is the thing that attracts me the most. I will continue learning about it in college and keep thinking about my perspectives in my head, and finally, form my creations and ideas. Photography and art will never be separated. I would love to combine photography with other art majors and do a lot of bold experiments and projects.

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