This project is a art project. It is about “Self”. I do some try and then I learn more about my self.

  The first try is in my sketch book. I make a 3D model in my sketch book. The main things in that art work is the pencil. Sometimes I had a feeling and the feeling has very important connection to my art works, but I can’t describe that feeling. 

  I try to find my own element. First I find “line”. I think the reason why I choose line is that line is easy to draw. It did’t need to know how to drawing. I did’t good at drawing, so I did’t like draw picture too much. But line change me. When I was using the element “line” I will not consider about the structure. I will be more abstract. I am keep finding the element that connect to line. I found “Hair”. It just a feeling about me. But why I choose theses element? I think I don’t know. Because I am just virtue of

my feeling.  I take some photo about hair. When I take these photo, I think 90% is create by my feeling. 

  The second element I found is “hand”. I want to use hand to freed myself, and visual it. I always use black and white to take the picture of “hand”. 

  In this project the good things I do is:

  1. I find my own element: Hair Hand Shadow
  2. I use a lot of things, and ways to express them
  3. I take a lot of actions
  4. I find my own styles 

 In this project the things that I can do better

  1. I need to find some connection about the single element

2.   I need to get more try and more thought

3.   I can keep finding the element (As more as I can)

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