Material – Waste Redesign

Experiment 1

Materials: plastics foam, plastic covers, dried flowers, cardboard


This artwork reminds me of the scenery of my middle school every autumn when the campus was covered with leaves.

These purple dried flowers trigger me to think of the leaves flying in the wind. Some of the leaves are intact, but some have been torn.

I like the idea of putting crushed dried flowers on the front and back of the plastic lid. 

Experiment 2

Materials: discarded bamboo sticks, dried flowers, broken bracelets, broken pendants


One kind of raw material of this artwork is wasted bamboo. These bamboo sticks serve like fences that demarcate the border of plants.

It provides me a sense of growing plants along the fence in the garden. Just like my yard.

The feature of this device is that all materials are assembled by splicing.

Experiment 3

Materials: waste plastic straw, plastic foam


Although the corals are colorful, the first color that appears in my mind is blue while thinking about coral. So, blue becomes the main color of the artwork.

With straw passing through the crevice of the plastic foam, the plastic foam becomes a coral shape.

If there is only corals in the undersea world, then it would be monotonous. Thus, making and designing some “marine creatures” may improve this artwork.
如果海底世界只有珊瑚那一定会很单调。所以,我还可以用其他材料做一些 “海洋生物”,把它们和 “珊瑚” 组装起来。我也可以想一想,可以如何里中装置中的吸管,来让这个装置变得更有趣。

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