#SA Math2 year revision


We are doing this revision to review what we learned in this whole year. It help us to figure out if there still some knowledge we don’t understand, or have some wrong understanding. We have spread into four group, data handling, pattern and relationships, modeling relationships with function and also the exponential&logarithmic function. I’m in the exponential group. The members of our group have me, Johnson, Angela, Andy and Sab.

In this review, each of our groups needs to include four review aspects in our own section. These are desmos, quizlets, mind maps, and exercise questions. I am here mainly responsible for the main responsibility of the practice questions of the explanation, and for everyone to find after-school exercises.

For others members, Angela will make our presentation ppt. Angela and Andy will take the mind map part, they will spread all the knowledge into different parts of this mind map. This will help us a lot when we are presenting. At last, Johnson will do desmos for us. 

I want to use this artifact to defense collaboration and critical thinking.


This time, year revision let me all the previously unclear knowledge have been consolidated again, before I chose in the function of this group is actually to my previously did not learn about this function knowledge again in the study. 

My previous goal for this project was to consolidate the formula in the exponential function, which includes the two parts of growth and decay. I made a plan for relearning before the project began, with notes and learning videos and exercise questions. 

After this project, I went back to reflect on the good places I did in this project and the good things I did and the good enough i’m not doing enough. I have no problem with setting goals and setting plans, but this time my problem in the project is time management. I made a general estimate of the learning time of the two parts of my re-learning and searching for the topic, only to find that there was a difference between the time I actually needed and the time I had estimated. This place is something I need to improve on, and I need to count the time I’m distracted from doing things. I also need to do some more practice after the exercise of the exponential function. 

Just now the reflection is for me personally, for our team, after we finished talking also have a lot of students give us the presentation feedback. Some of the feedback I think more important is the order of our sput, we actually next time like this presentation, we can let everyone choose to talk about that part first. After all, everyone’s learned it before, and this time we just need to go back and do it again. 

There is also a feedback about our after-school exercises, we later look for topics, we can mark all the difficulty of the topic. And do not have to look for a bunch of very difficult questions, such a connection can not actually play a good role in review. 

reviewing plan 1.0

Math2 year revision: https://shimo.im/docs/PCJwqkGVqdCpVGyd/read

In this link, there are six different part, my part is in the fourth block. At there you can see four parts of our presentation. Mind map, desmos, quizlet and practice worksheet.

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