#HA System thinking unite-3


In this unite, me and my teammates(Henry Xia and Roy Gao),we are trying to solve the collaboration problem in our IP teams. The reason we want to solve it is simple, it interrupt our team collaboration too much. If we still put it there, our team efficiency will keep lower and lower. 

For the start, we find an archetype that fit our project situation. Then we make our own archetype to help us better understand the reason we has this problem. After that, the three of us divided the work. My part is to complete the construction of the project’s archetype, and interview one of the member in IP team to make a mental model for the member. Finally, we also need everyone to find a leverage action that exists in this system and make corresponding solutions.At the end, each of us wrote a brief feedback on this project.

During this project, Henry, Roy and Jonathan also my teammates in IP course they give me help by doing this. After we finish this project, our IP teams beginning to use it, and the results were that it really worked. For all three solutions , they are now all being used, only two of them. First one is, communicate in group chats to ensure direct communication.  Second one is, Everyone has a work goal, and the work goal starts from the overall goal of the project.

I decide to use this artifact to defense, System thinking.


Look back this whole unite/project, I learn a lot, it can be summarized in two point. One is the knowledge we has learned on system thinking class. Other one is team collaboration skills, like how to manage a whole team, although we only have three people, but it doesn’t matter. 

For the first, I want to talk about the knowledge we practice and learned in this project. In this project, I used almost all the knowledge I learned in the system thinking class, such as leverage action and seven archetype I learned during the project. In our project, there are a variety of requirements for the big picture, and our project contains mental models for team members. The main skill I used in this project was the leverage action, because leverage action helped us to produce the final solution for this project. 

We still have a lot of place that need to improve, and the use of archetype is not exactly reach our expected efficiency, because our group spends too much time on archetype production. Spending a lot of time here means we don’t have much time to spend on mental models and interviews. 

I think it’s actually important to know that we’re a little limited in thinking about a problem. I think our team can expand our interview to see what people who don’t think about this “system” think. This allows us to collect some other perspectives and suggestions on the system/problem. I think these are things we can try to do in the next project. 

Two kinds of mental models
mental models
leverage action-1
leverage action-2
leverage action-3

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