2020 Defence: “Self Image” Theory

Introduction: “Self Image” Theory is an idea from Bob Proctor, a Canadian motivational speaker and entrepreneur. The purpose of his theory is to make people successful secularly (which is usually recoganized as being rich), but I think this theory apply in a wider range. I decide to practice this theory because I want to achieve a sustainable state of high efficiency. I have started trying to apply this theory into my simplest tasks.

Tag: This is an SA Aritifact. I am defencing Systems Thinking and Critical Thinking.

I learned about this theory because I suck into a depressed state at sometime this semester. My uncle recommanded me to learn about this theory to not only raise my working efficiency, but also a positive mind that help me be more energetic. I found it fit well with my mechanism.

——5A Information and Discovery

This theory claims that every people have a self image in their subconscious mind. People’s subconscious mind will make people work towards this self image, though such change is not conscious and not always rational.

The peaker Bob described this mechanism with the “cybernetics theory”, which is used in different machines and systems. Controled systems designed based on this theory can stay at a stable state and correct mistakes by itself. These systems may include directed missle, furnance and air-conditioner with maintained temperature.

One example on human raised by Bob is about a student. A student may have a negative self image due to negative feedback. This student may be able to achieve a better score through cramming knowledge, but when the outer pressure is removed, the good score will quickly disappear due to the unchanged self image.

——6A Big Picture

In this “Self Image” theory, the three core interrelated elements are Self Image, Ideas, Action. People’s Idea is affected by the Self Image. And the Idea result in Action. Different result of the Action further build up or update the Self Image. In common cases, People worked hard on their Ideas, but that does not always lead to an enhanced loop, so they unually cannot make sustainable change take place.

——6B System-as-cause

This theory fit well with my English word reciting Artifact.

I may have a Self Image that reciting 200 words a day is impossible. Because of that, I will have Ideas such as “Leave this task aside and work on something else”, or “Why am I doing this since it is impossible?”. These Ideas will create my action including frequently switch to games or short video apps when reciting words and delaying assign work. The result of these Actions strengthen my Self Image.

The usual methods of “raising efficiency with strict time management” does not always work for me because when ievitable mistakes appeared, they, though being small at first, will quickly create a Self Image of “always failing time management”.

The result of this enhanced loop fit well with my experience. I did find it difficult to change my mind set and I did have a belief of not being good in English.

——5B Analysis and Interpretation

Obviously, the “Self Image” theory indicates that when a person, as a system, iterate through time, the person will “converge” into the state described by his/her Self Image. In short, “You become what you want youself to become”.

——6E Concequence, 5C Reasoning

According to the seemingly shocking conclusion, “You become what you want yourself to become”, the first step for me to raise my word reciting efficiency should be building a positive self image. The recommanded way raised by the speaker is large amount of repetition: read the wanted self image again and again everyday.

——6F Leverage Actions, 5D Problem Solving and Solution Finding

The original audion recommanded by my uncle

Reflection: I think I should work more on putting the theory into action. This will need long time practice, but I believe that it will have a positive outcome.

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