2020 Defense: Origami Club

Introduction: I started the origami culb this semester. This is a big challenge for me since I have never run a club on my own before. In this experience, I practiced my presentation skill by gradually explain basic and extend origami ideas to other club member.

Tag: This is an XA artifact. I am defencing Oral Presentation.

What I shared about origami this semester includes: Basic skills and notation, Symetric models with multi parts, more complex model made from one piece of paper. The most important topic of this semester is about symetric models with multi parts. I talked about both the method of creating these models, and basic properties of symetric polyhedron.

——12A Clarity

In doing origami of symetric polyhedrons, the number of parts needed and the way parts connect to each other revealed a lot of the polyhedron’s basic property.

Take octahedron as an example. During club activities, I first claim that this connection exist for all polyhedrons including octahedron. While working on the repeating parts, I pointed out that the needed number of parts (12) is equal to the number of edges in octahedron (also 12), and each part of the origami model will correspond with one edge of an octahedron.

——12B Evidence

I also inspired my club members to think about other symetric polyhedrons, especially Platonic ones. Some of them cannot be construct with the parts we were making, while others require a different number of parts.

During the process of assembling parts together, I pointed out that the “triangular pyramid” constructed by three parts, which is frequently repeated in the process, correspond to the faces of the octahedron. After we finish assembling, I also ask the club members to count the number of different components of the model we made and emphasize their relation with an octahedron.

——12C Organization

During club time, I use a phone frame that holds my phone to film my action. In this way, other club members can have a clearer and more stable view of my working process.

——12E Use of Digital Media / Visual Displays

Sometimes, other club members may raise questions or ideas based on my presentation. At these moments, I may directly answer them based on my experience and knoledge, and also include my reason, or I may encourage them to think more on themselves and share my thought with them.

——12G Interaction with Audience

Reflection: One problem that occured a few times is that I over estimate my club members’ ability and recommand them with a model too difficult for them. If this club extends to next semester, I may repeat more on basic knowledge and gradually increase difficulty.

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