June Project for Art Studio: Installations and New Media Arts

The project is called “Monument”. It is a “monument” of my three-year experience
at Moonshot because this is my last art project here. The topic I chose
for myself is “infinity”. The word symbolizes my constant and never-
stopping exploration of myself and the world. Infinity is also an
important math concept, which consist with my passion and interest
in math. I decided to use origami, the most long-lasting and special
art form, to fulfil this project.

Research and Exploration

Experiment 1

Experiment 2

Final Work

(up to now)

The final work is not effective as I expected. The patter toward
infinity is hardly attractive. I also encounter more problem.
The structure itself is mostly made up of quadrilateral, thus,
not stable enough. However, the result still “sticks to my
expectation” and does not diverge too far.
Some improvement of this project may be making more grid
based on current work and make a strong circular frame that
hold the structure together.

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