Performance Art

This is a post produced after a class of performace art of Art Studio 4 in 2021 Spring.

The background of the poster is created by dancing with pigment on our feet. We are required to dance twice, first with others, then alone.

This is the poster I made. Sorry for making the content unbelieveablely simple

I decided to make a post on normal distribution because I think what the post represent is mostly random movement. Normal distribution is the most basic concept in statistic, the study of ramdomness.

It is said that it shows my emotion during dancing, but I think there is too much confounding factors in it. Besides my steps during the dance, the way I apply pigment and how the cloth fold on the ground can greatly affect the final pattern. After all, what this pattern represent is a matter of belief. If I chose to believe it represent my emotion, it represents my emotion.

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