2020 Defense: English word reciting

Introduction: In order to improve my English skill and prepare for language test, I kept reciting English words everyday from October 27th last year, with only 4 absence till today. I tried different methods to raise my efficiency and they all achieved different result. With these effort, I am able to see my improvement in volcabulary.

Tag: This is an HA artifact. I am defencing Self Regulation and Learning How to Learn.

(PS: Do I still need to defence Self Regulation next semester if I pass this time?)

I decide to start improve my vocabulary after taking my first TOEFL test. The word set that is most suitable for my future test is “TOEFL words”, therefore, I choose reciting this book as my goal.

I plan to recite words everyday untill I finish my goal.

——8A Goal setting

I first plan to review and recite 150 new words and old words, and rise this number to 200 gradually.

I am able to stick to this plan everyday and successfully enter a state of 200 words a day.

I can finish my work before 2:00 on workdays in most conditions. I also manage to bring forward this time point after I learn the “Self Image” theory (which I will explain in my second artifact).

——8B Time management

According to the time I finish word reciting each day, I can estimate my efficiency of one day. I tried different ways of raise and stablize this effeciency, incuding spare fixed time periods, use better organized work-rest combination, and using the “Self Image” theory (which I will explain in my second artifact).

These methods raised my efficiency in different scale and under different situations. Through these process, I understand more about the mechanism of myself.

——8C Regulation

Sometimes small mistakes in time management will result in low efficiency, and further lead to a loop that enhance negative impression and stress.

Under stress, my efficiency drops due to the “Self image” theory. During these time, I will try to reset my mind set on the next day and put things back to normal.

——8D Stress Management, 9B Diagnose Barriers

The app I am using allow me to track some of the criteria of my work, including number of remembered and forgoten words. It is also easy to check how these criteria change overtime.

——9A Monitor Comprehension

I feel that my volcabulary has improved. I am able to recoganize words in situations other than vocabulary practice. I am able to recoganize new learned words in Dracula, The Good Earth and other novels read in English class.

Due to the special design of this continued learning process, my skill does improved, but it also brings weakness. The number of words need reviewing each day is not a fixed number, but a variable that changes according to my performance in the previous days. This mechanism help me remember words better, but also makes it hard to estimated the number of days I need for reciting certain amount of words.

I still need to learn less than 300 words to finish TOEFL vocabulary. After finishing that, I plan to an SAT word book and continue learning.

——8E Self Reflection, 9E Extending Ideas

This artifact contributed a lot in the “Self Image” Artifact by providing first-handed experience. That theory also provide possible action plan that can improve my performance. The most effective thing I need to work on is creating a positive impression on wrod reciting task.

——9F Using feedback to improve learning

Reflection: I need more practice in the “Self Image” theory, so that I can raise and stablize my working effeciency.

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