Components of an individual solar system

This blog is part of a project of Moonshot Academy in spring, 2020. We want to install solar panels on the roof of our new campus and reduce our carbon generation.

Solar panels

Obviously, we need solar panels to generate electricity.


For individual solar systems, batteries are needed to store the electricity. However, there is another option, which is sending the electricity into the national electricity network. This option requires more qualified design and installation but it will also provide welfare from the government.

When the solar energy is adequate, the volume of batteries is decided by how much electricity will be used in one day and how many days of backup energy is needed. All kinds of loss caused by wire, controller and inverter should also be considered at the same time.


The charging and discharging process of the batteries should be controlled in order to protect the batteries. (Why? Because they are expensive!!!) The parameters of the controller are voltages and current, which correspond with the voltage of the batteries and expected current magnitude.


Inverter is a device that turn DC into AC. Most daily devices use AC but the electricity generated by solar panels are DC.

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