Energy Consumption of a building

This blog is part of a project of Moonshot Academy in spring, 2020. We want to install solar panels on the roof of our new campus and reduce our carbon generation.

Ways energy is consumed:

There are three main energy consumption: lighting, air conditioner and other appliances.


Chinese standard of lighting in common classrooms is that “the illuminance on the top of the desk tables need to reach 300 lux”.

The way to calculate illuminance is shown below. It relates to a lot of factors, mainly the properties of the room and the light.

The coefficient involves more complex calculation which I will not show here.


Heat is created and lost in many ways in a building. Heat not only conduct through windows and wall, but also created by human bodies and lights.

There are different ways to maintain the indoor temperature, some of which are shown below.

Electric Compression Chiller: Store and release energy by compressing certain chemical
Ground Source Heat Pump: Exchange heat between the ground and indoor
Lithium bromide unit

Other consumption

Other consumption are usually created by daily appliances. For a school, factors that need to consider may include the number of computers and other devices, need of microwave ovens and fridges, etc.

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