March Project for Art Studio: Installations and New Media Arts —— Planning

Introduction to my idea:

Description: The project is about a simulation of multiple circles in a field. The center and radius of the circles will gradually change over time. As time passes, more circles will be added to the simulation. when two circles overlap, there will be a straight boundary to separate them. The distance from the line to the center of the two circles are determined by the “impact” of the circles.

Idea: This simulation intends to represent how a community evolves. The circles correspond to people in the community. The area covered by the circles correspond to the influence a person has on the community. This influence should increase at first (when the person has just enter the community), then decrease (when the person leaves the community).

The following part is my project proposal:

What will I do?

I want to make a simulation that represents time passing by, and the change of different people’s influence during the period.

How does this project connect to, depart, or build on past work?

Research needed here.

The way of representation I will use will build on by programing skills. I will also use my math skill to control some general patterns of the simulation.

How will my work advance or develop?

Research needed here.

Why is this project urgent?

I always delay my work, so I need to make it urgent.

What makes the project important?

I am graduating soon, and this is a great reason for making some art installation.

How will I make this happen?


What resources will I need? How will I get them?

I need time.

If there’s any advanced tool that can help me code faster, I may need that too.

When will the project take place?

This week? (Today is 3/10)

What steps am I taking to make it possible?

  1. Work out a set of key components in the process I want to simulate.
  2. Develop some different representations.
  3. Take out the key components in the representation.
  4. Try different mapping between components in the simulation and components in representation.
  5. Check the effects of different combination and chooses the final version.

Where will I make it?

On my own computer, later upload to cloud server if possible.

Where will it be exhibited, performed, or published?

It will be a website. I may put it on the computer science course server, or I will just run it on my personal computer. Either way will need a screen.

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