The tree of Godel Incomplete Theorem

Intro Questions

  • What’s the question/topic you want to discover ?
    • What is the relationship between math concepts like?
  • Why do you choose this one ?
    • I like math and want to have a higher view on it.
    • I want people to pay attention to the relationship between math propositions instead of one proposition itself
  • What kind of art forms and materials can you try ?
    • Sculpture
    • object oriented programming
  • What’s your project timeline ?
    • learn basic theory of this theorem
    • Organize the information I have
    • Create the art work
  • If you have partner who will be in your group ?
    • I have no partners.

Some Document Screenshots

Basic concepts and axioms
Godel number
Primitive recursive
46 definitions
Constructing unprovable propositions


the two premises are supporting the conclusion
Whole view of definition IsProvable(x,y) (from the best view point)
Constructing unprovable propositions

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