ELP exhibition

Title: Evolution or Degeneration?


There is a white spotlight in the middle of the scene, whose light is pointing vertically down and creating a perfect circle on the ground. There are ten other minor spotlights in different colors locating at random positions and pointing different directions. Due to the attraction of the white spotlight, all other lights are moving toward it, and finally merged into the white circle, the most perfect shape with the most all-inclusive color.

The white spotlight symbolizes the “modern” civilization and the minor spotlights symbolize local traditions. The inpouring of tourists has greatly influenced the way people live in Xishuangbanna, potentially devouring the tradition way of life there. In the end, the modern way will go into every corner of the world, with extreme convenience and other advantages.

The white spotlight and other minors can also symbolize other relations, including civilizations throughout history, people in a group, etc. Should we cheer for such unity or feel pity for those minor individuals?

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