Personal Review

Red is a concept but also belongs to me unique things. Red is a state that records my stage. It’s alive, it’s passionate, and it’s full of all kinds of bondage.

The living part is that I began to connect with the whole world and began to explore and interact passionately. It’s like being closer to the ground. During this time, even my nails are red.
The bondage part, in reality, of me, was a legal age of 15 years old, which limited me to many things, as well as school.
A school is a place I’m very transparent about, it’s like a prison, lock me up, keep fish.
The red in this device is the expression of what binds me, they exist and grow together like my passion. Red is passionate, passionate, but here they are my things.
In the process of doing this device, I feel very difficult, because every line, is my one by one binding up, very tired, very complex. It’s like bondage, it’s intruding bit by bit, it moves fast, and it’s all full at a glance.
After I finished the whole installation, I wanted to dance, I wanted to join it. I’m dancing, and I’m alive. Black is the color of near-death, because we can never see through it. Red is the blood of passion. They’re like two extremes, two things rooted in genes.

Eventually, my project will produce self-portraits, images, and pictures. Presented as a faux negative.

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