Personal Review

The project is called RED. This is my first project that will be put in MY PORTFOLIO.

This is a reflection from 2019 to now.


Why is RED? In the year before last I fall in love with this colour. I can’t tell the reason use words or sentence, because it is a feeling.

Red, is like a color can shows that moment, that semester. People like the things that can connected to them. I guess, RED is that object.

I am Emotional not a Rational person. RED IS A FEELING that can shows me, here, in front of u.

The reason that why I choose this topic is that I want to use this project to record myself., the moment of laila. RED is the only things that can be use. I can’t put it to another topic..


After talking about the “reason”, here, let focusing on the research and the experiment part.

At first, I don’t know how to express RED this element in the art way. So I asked Mowen for help, and she told me that I can drew a brainstone wrote all the words that I can image about RED.

After doing that, I begin with my first experiment. This is an unconsious experiment. I take some pictures with the plants that in my house, and then I conbine them togrther. After taking that photograph, I write down some key words on, and use them to be my first inspiration. Cells,Blood,Artery,Vessels,Organ,Light

After that, I clearly know my final product. There are two way to show my work, photography, and Self-portrait. I begin to do some research to help me think how to draw the self- portrait and photography. For the photography part, I wanna make a installation, and use camera to record it.


Yesterday I was talking to Scarlet and I have a new thought about this project. Before we talk, my installation is only have one element “RED wool”. And I don’t usually know what means that. Now, I realize that there are three power. One is me, one is constrain, one is the world. I want to out of now, but I can’t. There are too many things are bounding me. Age, Parents, Daily…

The outside world is so attractive to me. I want to make the connection as quick I can…

At last, RUN WITH ME>

play truant with me toooo>>>

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