Red experimental photography- “色”

Location: MSA Yanqing Campus

Materials: Iphone

When I first saw a photograph, which is flower. I know that it means sex. The photographer is called Araki Nobuyoshi, he is using flower to represent sex. I was quiet young at that time, I don’t know what is that, and I can’t understand his art work. I can’t understand him either, now too.

The flower outside in front of the door
The Redlight are devouring them
The colour of them is so miraculous, it’s the most beautiful colour that I ever seen.
The light shows their’s nature
what is nature?

I fall in love with their’s colour.

I am an audience.
an additional audience.
They are their own audience, I am just an negligible audience.
No matter I am here, or I’m not, they are going to blooming forever.
I know that one day they will die, same with me.
But now, is the moment they are blooming, so be careful on them.

“色”, let me thought about two word. Sex, and Colour. These two words are all about climax. Only the people who are in the most climax moment they will be related to this two word. Red means to me climax. When I am in a specially moment I will be thought about the colour red. The feeling will be red.

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