1.First experience


这个尝试的灵感来源于“Ben Zank”. Ben Zank是一个摄影师,一个艺术摄影师。他照片中的景,人,和元素,都是他自己组合并且创造出来的。He gives me a lot of inspiration. When I finish looking his photo. I want to try it by myself, and then I start my first experience.

My first experience is I want to take a photo, the things in my photo is I want to let you know that I am the person who is neglected. Below is my plan⬇️

I like my idea. I find an empty wall and I call some people to join in me. And then I try it, but it falls. After this experience I look back and have some thought. Why I fall? The first reason, in Moonshot it did’t have a big empty place in it. So the real things I want to show it did’t can’t represent as that well. And the visualize is not that good. For example, the cloth that everybody wear is messy, and it is “ugly”.

The first experience let me know that I can’t think so much, because when I think so much I can’t really do. 2. when I am create my art work, I can’t write the detail plan. Just draw it. That all.