March Project for Art Studio: Installations and New Media Arts ——reflection

Your NameSamson Huang
Project TitlePeople’s region in a field

Section 1: Rationale

The idea of this project comes from my understanding and experience of how people act with each other in a community. This project is mainly realized with Javascript. Through this project, I practiced my programming skill and also learned some special feature of the JS language. Math skills are also required. However, I was not able to simplify the whole process with advanced skill. (e.g., linear algebra) I do not think the simplification is possible.

Section 2: Project Concept

Description: The project is about a simulation of multiple circles in a field. The center and radius of the circles will gradually change over time. As time passes, more circles will be added to the simulation. when two circles overlap, there will be a straight boundary to separate them. The distance from the line to the center of the two circles are determined by the “impact” of the circles.

Idea: This simulation intends to represent how a community evolves. The circles correspond to people in the community. The area covered by the circles correspond to the influence a person has on the community. This influence should increase at first (when the person has just entered the community), then decrease (when the person leaves the community).

Section 3: Evaluation

I think this project is nice. I was able to start the programming at an early stage and finish it on time. My program basically satisfies my expectation. Some adjustments on detailed values are also done based on that.

Something that can be improve is that I can try to make the change from constant-moving circles inside to stable circles outside softer, try to eliminate the sense of difference.

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