Reflection of the project on sound

This time, the criteria of projects changes. We no longer need to create a single complete project. Instead, we need to explore the world of sound as much as possible. I learnt to create audio file with the help of matlab. With this powerful tool, I created pure perfect sounds with certain frequency. Each possible sound made in this world is a combination of these simplest sounds. In the field of music, there’s different syllables. Syllable a, which is la, have a frequency of 440 Hz. The instrument that create such a sound should vibrate at a frequency of 440 times a second. The frequency of syllable bass b, which is bass si, and all other syllables, increase by 2^(12). Therefore, syllable bass b should have a frequency of 440*2^(12)Hz. And for syllables with a higher pitch, its frequency is 440*2Hz, which is 880Hz. With such knowledge of sounds, a lot of seemingly unreasonable things can be explained. For example, people regard the combination of adjacent syllables “inharmonic” and this can be explained by the waveform of the combined sounds. The volume of the combined sound change so slowly that human ear can distinguish it. However, I don’t see any difference in hearing a harmonic chord and a single sound.   There’s also other thinking not related to sound. I think I did this project too scientific again. I feel amazed by the property of my creation and the phenomenon I met during the process, but I feel hard to demonstrate that. Those discussion above is mainly related to math, and in my point of view, the beauty of math lies in the relation between conclusions, instead of conclusion themselves. I haven’t think of a way to demonstrate this beauty, and I’m still confused about my final project.

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