Reflection of the project on light

This passage is written as the reflection of project one in IP art and science.

  What I was trying to do was to see the current in the circuits. I didn’t achieve that goal, but I recorded what I did before. I think the final presentation was good, since it showed what I did, but the project seemed to be having a problem, which is that this project didn’t relate to art much.

  There was a physics simulation game called “powder”. In that game, players can see how an electronic signal goes through a piece of metal. However, I think that game is not accurate. Materials and components operate in a way different to the real world. I think this is part of the reason for me choosing this project: what if we can see the current?

  My original thinking was that I may build a component which can be used to detect current and release a signal, which will then be led to LED. LED lights will light up when the current appear in the wire and die of when the current decreases in magnitude.

  After realizing that I can’t build a component like that, I started to think why I chose this project. The reason should be somewhere beyond understanding a specific circuit. The conclusion I drew from some deep thinking is that: I want others to see what I saw in the world of electronics. After dealing with those components, capacitors are no longer a merely capacitor in my eye. It keeps storing and releasing electric energy and reduce the changing speed of voltage.

The problem is that I still can’t reach my goal and a capacitor is still merely a capacitor in others’ eyes.

(More experience and knowledge are surely needed)

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