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Sense of atmosphere 繚 瘞湔

The work Blooming Eyes

Basic Information

Blooming Eyes

Name of the Work

Blooming Eyes


Ana Miminoshvili

Ana Miminoshvili is a freelance illustrator and designer from Tbilisi, Georgia.
She loves playing with shapes, composition, and color. Usually, tends to spend a lot of time choosing the right color palette and lighting for her illustrations. She enjoys creating warm ambiances and combining strict, geometric shapes with more free and natural lines.Ana is passionate about finding and crafting visual solutions in both illustration and design.


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2018 Contemporary art


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The attention of this painting — expressing anxiety and feeling of being monitored — is a common problem faced by modern humans. This also serves as a more general element of contemporary social problems faced by modern humans. This also serves as a more general element of contemporary art in nowadays society.

Creation concept


Feeling嚗Fear, focus

Captures the essence of modern surveillance by hiding it in plain sight. In “Blooming Eyes,” she implanted her green leaves and plant ingredients, countless eyes peeping out of the natural environment. Red spots indicate that they are congested and tense, giving the sclera a rosy hue that complements and merges with pink flowers.

Miminoshvili describes the surreal series as commentary on anxiety, (the) fear of being watched, and pressure of social media exposure. The staring eyes disguise themselves in unusual and yet organic places like ladybugs spots and a newly opened flower. — Rikkart Art

Work analysis

Use of color

The all-black background conveys a good sense of concentration and fear of being monitored and watched. At the same time, the color of the plants is better displayed in a clean and uniform background color. The pink color of the red spots in the eyes is an interesting detail that conveys a deeper meaning while making the visual details even better.


The lines are thin and clean, with sharp edges, using only two simple elements– point and line. Make the whole painting more organized, so that it doesn’t seem cluttered and lack of focus.


This illustration is not a completely realistic work. The leaves and eyes are visually flat. But the light and shade on the leaves make the painting feel more natural

Personal Understanding

The first thing that appeals to me about this painting is its visual impact. The dark tragedy and the godless eyes are a sight to behold. To further understand the problem it expresses, I found that it is a relatively common element in contemporary society, and the combination of plants and human organs are used to expresses this idea. I found this strangely harmonious combination in the piece is very interesting.

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