Searching Experiments

In this project, as always, I used a lot of symbols; I try to use the existence of different plants, animals or objects to convey the information I want to express. So before preparing the final product, I did some experimenting and planning. For the form and the experiment for the first part:撖餅/Plan and… More Searching Experiments


In my opinion, searching is one of the propositions of one’s life, and one’s life is the first battle of the journey of searching.This long journey is presented in four parts, which I think are the four most important elements in searching. They are process, vision, unknown, and desire.

潸潸晦 Personal Review

雿臭誑其霂圈story+10撘A3蝏靽霂韐券瘥銝撘賜孵怠甈g銵刻噢鈭唾銵刻噢 The quantity of the works can be guaranteed [Story written+10 A3 hand-painted pieces] and the quality can be guaranteed as well[I like every piece in my book very much! I think I did express the idea through my theme] 隞銝銝芷★柴蝥Z脤具銝剜嗅啁Feedback刻銝芷★桐葉寞迤鈭蝏澆+餉鈭扼 The Feedback received from the last project “Red Rain” has been corrected in this… More 潸潸晦 Personal Review


The atmosphere is a very important point for me when I am creating my picture book. In order to make my work look better, I look for some illustration works that I think have a great sense of atmosphere Eunah Hwang is an author and illustrator from Seoul in Korea. This picture was taken by… More 瘞湔繚Research