Searching Experiments

In this project, as always, I used a lot of symbols; I try to use the existence of different plants, animals or objects to convey the information I want to express. So before preparing the final product, I did some experimenting and planning.

For the form and the experiment for the first part:撖餅/
Plan and overall concept of the project:

Searching 繚 Vision

main concept

The initial layout of the picture and the concept of this section; emphasize the representation of vision — the eye


Collect creative elements and determine layout

Final Outcome

Searching 繚 Unknown

Plan elements, to determine how to use the space better in order to express the theme


Element determination and collection

Final Outcome

Searching 繚 Desire

Mind mapping to determine the image and meaning of different pieces

Elements set and plan

More information about final outcomes and the elements that included are labeled in撖餅/

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