XA/ introduction/ self-reflection

artifact: 中华小厨神:https://my.moonshotacademy.cn/roy-gao/2020/05/22/中华小厨神菜谱库1-0/ 项目计划书:https://shimo.im/docs/XTRLg0T57McNTJT8 Intro: This project was designed to solve some problems in life that can really bother us. The reason why I decided to do this project is that I realized the difficulties for cooking beginners to follow the instruction of all the available kitchen-app. I, as one of the beginners, have trouble following […]

SA/ introduction/ self-reflection

artifact: https://shimo.im/mindmaps/DV68DghV9ypRH8wC Introduction: This mind map was designed to display a particular knowledge point that we have gone through earlier this semester——exponential function. I chose this topic because I thought this is real-life beneficial and I wanted to review some concepts in it. It’s actually an assignment from Math 2A. In the first place, we […]

HA/ introduction/ self-reflection

Artifact: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDcxNjY5MDUyOA==.html introduction: This project was originally an assignment for British Literature class. During this semester we have read a couple of compositions during the class. The chronicle of Narnia, one of the books we read, was where our group gets the idea from and the name Edmund is one of the main characters in […]