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This mind map was designed to display a particular knowledge point that we have gone through earlier this semester——exponential function. I chose this topic because I thought this is real-life beneficial and I wanted to review some concepts in it. It’s actually an assignment from Math 2A. In the first place, we were divided into different groups with different topics. As required, we split up the works into Desmos investigation, mind map, practice questions, and SAT questions. Steve and I volunteered to be in charge of the practice questions as well as SAT questions; I believed that it’s the most effective way for me to regain that knowledge. I glanced at the main concepts of the exponential function part and went online searching for corresponding questions, which were expected to trigger the memories of this specific part and enhance our classmates’ familiarities of this topic. I contend that I have possessed the ability of learn how to learn with my contribution to the mind map. These practice questions were indispensable within the whole mind map, which had propelled my question selections. What’s more, Steve and I were doing on-line researches together back then so pretty much all the assistance that I received was from him. We were both a little rusty with the idea when processing the projects due to the blank away from our first acquaintance with the exponential function. However, with the help of Steve’s note, PPT from the class, and some online resources we were able to retrieve the knowledge and to give a successful presentation. 


The most thing I’ve learned doing this project is that practice makes perfect. As mentioned above, it’s been a while since the first time we learned exponential function, which had resulted in the loss of memories of a certain part of knowledge. Consequently, I have to proceed the assignments approximately as a layman and it requires a lot of research and a dozen practices to acquire the knowledge again, which is incredibly important because what we will be teaching in the next class has to be correct, or it’s going to have considerable negative impacts. I had used the knowledge of exponential function along with the competency of learning how to learn. Besides re-gaining knowledge, I have to come up with a couple of questions because it will facilitate the learners to practice and reinforce their understanding. Nonetheless, I myself have to learn the whole thing again so I’ve skimmed through all the questions given by our math teacher and selected a few that I think will help my classmates to approach the core concepts progressively. Before start creating the practice question list, I made a plan for my trip of reviewing, which says go to the notes and find the relevant first; then go online searching for official explanations and equations of the topic; delve into the questions that we have practiced during the class and pick four out of them. Adapting the framework of the mind map, we positioned the linking practice questions on the counterparts that made the mind mad more comprehensive and reader-friendly. I have improved my “learning how to learn” competency through the assignment; now I know how to structure the learning plan and where to find all the possible resources that can aid me to obtain knowledges and skills. However, I can still augment my task arrangements. Although I composed a plan this time, I didn’t quite get the order clearly, which can be improved by practicing. Practice makes perfect; I have to arrange more learning plans for myself so that I can take it to the next level.

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