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This project was originally an assignment for British Literature class. During this semester we have read a couple of compositions during the class. The chronicle of Narnia, one of the books we read, was where our group gets the idea from and the name Edmund is one of the main characters in the story. This artifact is an online drama that my group members and I came up with based on the story of Narnia. The general ideas of how we going to revise some scenes and try to express something different were from Emma who was our group leader. Nonetheless, the first draft of the scripts was not even workable due to the spatial and physical limitations so Stacy and I dramatized the raw material and transformed it into the practical scripts where the dubbing and the shooting were separated. Subsequently, we split up the characters and assigned everyone a dozen of tasks over their own characters. In the end, our video is considered a great success containing a few elements from the book and lots of our own stylistic factors. From this artifact, I want to defense my possession of critical thinking and because we didn’t just simply adapt everything from the book, instead, we found the flaws of the religious ideas and reversed the setting. Besides, I want to defense that I have the competency of collaboration since the whole deal was completed as a group and I played an indispensable role in it. I didn’t receive much help from outside the group; my own group mates were really helpful and contributive because we knew the importance of the collective goal-aiming. Although this project was accomplished online, I think its meaning serves no less than a real-life drama. In a nutshell, we have proved that determinations are critical when a group of people gathered together trying to create something; we can conquer all difficulties due to the quarantine session with nothing but our wit and our will. 


During this project, I’ve learned that we have to have faiths when composing things especially during a hard time like this Covid-19 period. If we gather whatever resources we have and approach to the same goal hard and sharp, then our creation will definitely be amazing. 

Collaboration, one of the most important life-ling ability, is what I had applied in this artifact. I always facilitate the discussions to make sure that we’re on track; when it comes to individual works, I finish my tasks with high quality then I turned to other group members try to help them with their works. As I mentioned above, Stacy and I were the editors and operators of the project; we were in charge of changing the raw ideas into readable outlines and scripts. I was very clear about my position in the team and I always tried to oversea and propel the project, which makes me think that I have the competency of collaboration. 

Moreover, critical thinking is another skill I want to prove. In the book of Narnia, there’s a lion called Aslan who’s considered the indication of the God, and whatever the actions of other characters Aslan always takes a significant part in them. However, we didn’t think that people should count everything onto a belief, which is supposed to guide people and make them more decisive. It’s unanimously agreed in our group that Aslan will not appear at the big scenes such as the final war against the White Witch. Stacy and I insisted that people should develop their own beliefs that can improve their mindsets and sights instead of dragging them down when the situation is critical. 

I consider this as an improvement from last semester when I didn’t think about the concepts that much when compiling a drama. Nowadays, I can dig deeper into the core ideas of the story and ponder them from critical and objective perspectives. Collaboration is as good as usual. On the other hand, I contend that I can still improve on facilitation skills; I want to take it to the next level where humor and efficiencies can be well-managed. I also have rooms to improve on critical thinking because sometimes I’ll become extreme when criticizing a specific idea, which violates the essence of “critical”. I should be more objective and view the concept from multiple lenses that way I can improve the competency of critical thinking. 

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