Serene Zhang



This is Serene’s website. She is still a high school student now, but soon she will go to Europe to start her college journey.


Her high school called Moonshot Academy, which is an innovative school in Beijing. Her high school life was like an adventure. It contains puzzles, highlighted and depressed moments. She appreciate all the moments, because these moments reinforce her to be better.

那个她上了三年的高中叫做探月学院,是一个北京的创新学校。她 的高中生活全然是一场冒险,在高中时期她体验了疑惑,焦虑还有快乐。她热爱她在高中做过的每一件事,不管是好事还是蠢事儿

In this website, there is one button (Moonshot Academy) at the top of the website. You can click it, and see what did Serene do during her high school. She arranged her previous class works in this category.

在这个网站中,最上面有一个按钮写着“Moonshot Academy”,你一定要点开,你可以看到她充满色彩的高中生活。

Serene wants to be the pioneer, she loves to do something cool and unexpected.


Serene is an inventive personal, she loves doing projects, which make her feel energetic. If you are curious about her project you can click the button on the top called: “Projects”, to received more information.


Serene wants to be an interesting person, she loves reading literature, watching films, ,writing articles, taking photos and playing board games. She wants herself to be happy, thoughtful and altruistic.

There is also a button on the top called “Life”, which collects all the pieces of her life.

Welcome to Serene’s website. And enjoy exploring it.