Why did the Germans allow the Holocaust to happen?

Date: 27 October, 2020 Introduction: This is one weekly practice of the second unit, in the unit we read Slaughterhouse Five. The essay discusses one question: “Why did the Germans allow the Holocaust to happen”. During world war two, German, under Hitler’s control, have done a monstrous crime against Jewish people. Numerous concentration camps were […]

Through the Hell to See Yourself

Date: 5 October, 2020 Introduction: This is the final article of the first unit. At this unit, we learned No Exit, written by Jean-Paul Satre. According to No Exit, I write this article which discuss about the relationships between people. With every baby’s crying, another family has a bond. As people live in the world, […]

How war affects people in Cold Mountain

Date: 11 November, 2020 Introduction: The name of the English class of this semester is “Literature of WWII”, which means this semester we will focus on war literature. This is one small assignment of this course, which is about written an article demonstrating how war affects people in one movie clip or one song. I […]